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Faculty and Staff Contacts


Brian dela Cruz, MS, RDN/LD

Brian dela Cruz, MS, RDN/LD

  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Director, Dietetic Internship Program
  • Clinical Coordinator

Katie Eliot, PhD, RDN/LD, FAND

Katie Eliot, PhD, RDN/LD, FAND

  • Associate Professor

Jennifer Graef-Downard, PhD, RDN/LD
Leah A. Hoffman, Ph.D., RD/LD, CNSC

Leah Hoffman, PhD, RD/LD, CNSC

  • Associate Professor
  • Director, Coordinated Program for Master of Arts in Dietetics

Norman G. Hord, PhD, MPH, RD

Norman Hord, PhD, MPH, RD

  • Chair of Department of Nutritional Sciences
  • Professor
  • Member of Harold Hamm Diabetes Center

Allen Knehans, PhD

Allen Knehans, PhD

  • David Ross Boyd Professor
  • Stuart C. Miller Professor of Allied Health

Susan B. Sisson, Ph.D., RDN, CHES, FACSM

Susan B. Sisson, PhD, RDN, CHES, FACSM

  • Sam K. Viersen Family Foundation Presidential Professor
  • Associate Dean for Research
  • Chair, Department of Allied Health Sciences.
  • Associate Professor
  • Director, Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences
  • Director, Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Laboratory

Michael B. Stout, PhD

Michael Stout, PhD

  • Assistant Professor