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Faculty and Staff Directory


Katie Eliot, PhD, RDN/LD, FAND

  • Interim Chair
  • Associate Professor

(405) 271-2113


  • PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, 2013
  • MS, Nutritional Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2003
  • BS, Nutrition Science, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 2001

Societies and Organizations:

Member, Alpha Eta Honor Society


  • NS 4213: Capstone Seminar
  • NS 5272: Geriatric Nutrition
  • NS 5132: Adult Weight Management

Research Interests:

  • Dr. Eliot’s research focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of interprofessional education across the health professions continuum.  Specific topics within this research she is currently investigating include: the role of interprofessional collaborative practice in alleviating stress and burnout in health professions education, interprofessional competencies in obesity prevention and treatment, and best practices for introductory interprofessional education in a national, multi-institution study. 

Select Publications:

  • Karamat, E., Pole, D., Rahman, R., Toomey, E. Eliot, K.  (2018) The Impact of Interprofessional Education Experience on Post-Graduate Dietetic Students’ Self-Assessed Confidence in their Ability to Identify and Demonstrate Interprofessional Practice Behaviors. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 33(3): 184-195.
  • Hendricks-Ferguson, V., Ruebling, I., Sargeant, D., Banks, R., Sebelski, C., Kienstra, K., Howell, T., Eliot, K., Moore, K. Armstrong, K. (2018) Undergraduate Interprofessional Education Students’ Perspectives of Health-Care Professionals’ Use of Shared Decision-Making Skills. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 32(4): 1-9.
  • Eliot, K., Kolasa, K., Cuff, P. (2018) Stress and Burnout in Nutrition and Dietetics: Strengthening Interprofessional Ties. Nutrition Today. 53(2): 63-67.
  • Hinyard, L., Toomey, E., Breitbach, A. Eliot, K. (2018). Student Perceptions of Collaboration Skills in an Interprofessional Context: Development and Initial Validation of the Self-Assessed Collaboration Skills (SACS) Instrument. Evaluation and the Health Professions.  doi:10.1177/0163278717752438
  • Eliot, K., Breitbach, A., Toomey, E., Hinyard, L. (2017). The Effectiveness of an Introductory Interprofessional Course in Building Readiness for Collaboration in the Health Professions.  Health and Interprofessional Practice.  Health and Interprofessional Practice. 3(3).
  • Breitbach, A., Eliot, K., Cuppet, M., Wilson, M., Chushak, M. (2017). “The Progress and Promise of Interprofessional Education in Athletic Training Programs”. Athletic Training Education Journal. 13(1):57-66.
  • Eliot, K, Kolasa, KM. (2017) Stress induced eating behaviors of health professionals: A Registered Dietitian Nutritionists’ perspective. National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC.
  • Coffey, D. S., P. Cuff, K. Eliot, E. Goldblatt, C. Grus, S. Kishore, M. Mancini, R. Valachovic, P. H. Walker. (2017) A multifaceted systems approach to addressing stress within health professions education and beyond. National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC.
  • Eliot, K., Wilson, M, Breitbach, A.  & Chushak, M. (2017) “Incorporation of Interprofessional Education in Nutrition and Dietetics Education Programs”. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 32(3): 184-192.
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  • Eliot, K, Breitbach, A, Wilson, M & Chushak, M. (2017) Institutional Factors Affecting Interprofessional Education in Nutrition and Dietetics and Athletic Training Programs.  Journal of Allied Health. 46(2):94-103.
  • Eliot, K. & Kolasa, K. (2015) The Value in Interprofessional Collaborative-ready Dietetics Practitioners.  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 115:1578-1588.