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Katie Eliot , PhD, RDN/LD, FAND

Associate Professor



PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, 2013

MS, Nutritional Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2003

BS, Nutrition Science, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 2001

Societies and Organizations:

Member, Alpha Eta Honor Society


NS 4213: Capstone Seminar
NS 5272: Geriatric Nutrition
NS 5132: Adult Weight Management

Clinical/Research Interests:

Dr. Eliot’s research focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of interprofessional education across the health professions continuum.  Specific topics within this research she is currently investigating include: the role of interprofessional collaborative practice in alleviating stress and burnout in health professions education, interprofessional competencies in obesity prevention and treatment, and best practices for introductory interprofessional education in a national, multi-institution study. 

Select Publications:

  • Karamat, E., Pole, D., Rahman, R., Toomey, E. Eliot, K.  (2018) The Impact of Interprofessional Education Experience on Post-Graduate Dietetic Students’ Self-Assessed Confidence in their Ability to Identify and Demonstrate Interprofessional Practice Behaviors. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 33(3): 184-195.
  • Hendricks-Ferguson, V., Ruebling, I., Sargeant, D., Banks, R., Sebelski, C., Kienstra, K., Howell, T., Eliot, K., Moore, K. Armstrong, K. (2018) Undergraduate Interprofessional Education Students’ Perspectives of Health-Care Professionals’ Use of Shared Decision-Making Skills. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 32(4): 1-9.
  • Eliot, K., Kolasa, K., Cuff, P. (2018) Stress and Burnout in Nutrition and Dietetics: Strengthening Interprofessional Ties. Nutrition Today. 53(2): 63-67.
  • Hinyard, L., Toomey, E., Breitbach, A. Eliot, K. (2018). Student Perceptions of Collaboration Skills in an Interprofessional Context: Development and Initial Validation of the Self-Assessed Collaboration Skills (SACS) Instrument. Evaluation and the Health Professions.  doi:10.1177/0163278717752438
  • Eliot, K., Breitbach, A., Toomey, E., Hinyard, L. (2017). The Effectiveness of an Introductory Interprofessional Course in Building Readiness for Collaboration in the Health Professions.  Health and Interprofessional Practice.  Health and Interprofessional Practice. 3(3).
  • Breitbach, A., Eliot, K., Cuppet, M., Wilson, M., Chushak, M. (2017). “The Progress and Promise of Interprofessional Education in Athletic Training Programs”. Athletic Training Education Journal. 13(1):57-66.
  • Eliot, K, Kolasa, KM. (2017) Stress induced eating behaviors of health professionals: A Registered Dietitian Nutritionists’ perspective. National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC.
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