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iLEAP (Interprofessional Language, Enrichment and Pre-kindergarten Program)

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The John W. Keys clinic is proud to recognize the United Way of Central Oklahoma as an integral part of the iLEAP program and the United Way Hearing Aid Bank. We are able to provide these services to our patients through their continued support. Please click for more information on how the United Way supports programs for  Central Oklahoma.


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Who We Are

iLEAP (Interprofessional Language, Enrichment and Pre-kindergarten Program), located within the John W. Keys Speech and Hearing Center on the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus, is a university training program designed to provide a language-rich, pre-kindergarten experience for children 2 ½ to 4 years old with delayed communication development and behavioral challenges, as well as children who exhibit typical development.  We work interprofessionally with colleagues to provide services to our iLEAP children in the areas of dentistry, audiology, occupational therapy, and nutritional sciences.  The goal of this specialty clinic is to help children be prepared to mainstream into classrooms in their local school districts and to be successful in the classroom environment. The iLEAP staff consists of certified speech-language pathologists along with graduate and undergraduate students in speech-language pathology within the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department of the College of Allied Health.  The iLEAP program is a partner agency of the United Way of Central Oklahoma. 

Meet the iLeap Staff

Who We Serve

iLEAP is a half-day program enrolling children ages 2 ½ to 4 years old who exhibit communication delays, with particular classes designed for children who may be exhibiting signs of autism spectrum disorder. We have small class sizes and a low child to teacher ratio to provide an optimal learning environment.  We also encourage enrollment for typically developing children in this age range to have a language-rich, structured pre-kindergarten experience. These children are a valuable part of the program as they serve as peer models for children with delayed communication skills.  

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What We Do

The iLEAP program provides:

  • a language-rich preschool environment
  • behavior supports and interventions
  • small group instruction 
  • individual speech and language treatment
  • a research site for the study of typical and atypical communication development

Tuition, Fees & Fundraising

iLEAP is a self-supporting clinic dependent on monies generated through tuition fees, grant monies, and donations. As a member of the iLEAP family you may be asked to assist with fundraising efforts. There is a flat tuition fee of $185.00 per child, due at the beginning of each month. Partial months will be prorated at $25.00 per day. Speech therapy fees for Keys Clinic are separate.

Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarships may be available for families. While all applicants for scholarship support are considered, preference is given to families with demonstrated financial need. See scholarship forms for more information.