Department of Nutritional Sciences


Allen Knehans, PhD 
David Ross Boyd Professor and Chairman


Welcome to the Department of Nutritional Sciences website. We are excited that you are exploring educational options in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Our program directors are here to assist you in finding the right pathway to meet your professional goals. Please look at our decision tree to determine which program is right for you.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “dietetics is the science or art of applying the principles of food and nutrition to health”. As a dietetic professional, you can work in a wide variety of settings helping people of all ages. Dietitians do not just work in hospitals and clinics. You can find dietitians in schools, health departments, food companies, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, wellness clinics, and many other positions. New opportunities for dietitians are emerging all the time. If you would like to help people learn about food and nutrition then give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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