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New Student Instructions

We are excited to welcome you to the College of Allied Heath at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center!

Most of the information you will need to start your program will be found in our Brightspace/D2L system. To access this system, you must activate your email account. Once you have done this important step, you will use the same credentials to sign into this system. Please note that information may not be immediately available dependent on when you are admitted. Communication will be provided when it is available to access.

The first thing you must do is activate your OUHSC email account. All important correspondence from the college and your program will use this email. Once your email is activated, please log into the Brightspace/D2L system: You will use your OUHSC username (not your email address) and password to log in.

Note: It may take 2-3 days after email activation to successfully sign into the Brightspace/D2L system. If you are not able to sign in after a day or two, please contact Gina Vile for assistance.

Important Resources

Everything that you are expected to complete can be found when you sign into Brightspace/D2L system once it has been made accessible. You will receive communication once you are expected to begin submitting documentation for compliance purposes. Please do not begin submission of compliance documentation until you have heard from the College regarding your expectations.

Orientation Dates

Orientation Dates are TBD

Contact Information

Office of Academic and Students Affairs
Email | (405) 271-6588