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Instructional Support Services and Information Technology

The mission of the College of Allied Health, Instructional Support Services and Academic Technology is to provide excellent learning environments and resources for College Students, Faculty, and Staff. We strive to facilitate exceptional instructional opportunities –in and out of the classroom– enhancing creativity, inquiry, and discovery to support faculty, staff, and student success.

College IT Quick Start Guide

In order to prepare for online delivery we have prepared instructions to help assist you. Below you will find resources on how to have a live lecture utilizing Zoom as well as instructions for recording and posting. You will also find resources on iSpring (voiceover PowerPoints), Respondus, and other testing tools. Please contact the ISS/IT team for questions.

CAH Faculty and Staff Computing Policies and Procedures Handbook

How Can We Help You?

Our Team

Instructional Support Services Staff

Pam Farmer, MSCIS


Pam Farmer, Academic Technology Director
Gina Vile

Gina Vile, Instructional Designer

Central IT Support Staff

OKC IT Support:
Jeremy Foster and Rodell Smiley

405.271.8001 ext 43412
Mission Support Allied Health (HSC)

Tulsa IT Support:
Joe Takacs

Canvas Resources

Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology Services provides faculty who use technology in the classroom by providing training and support on the use of permanently installed equipment and making available a range of equipment and multimedia display devices.

For additional information about classroom technology or to report an issue with the technology, please contact Allied Health Mission Support.

Microsoft 365

Recording Lectures

Video Capture Request Form
Use this form to request video capture of classroom lecture. Advanced notice of 1 business days (24 hours) is required for all capture request.

Technology Release Forms

Recording Zoom Lecture

Recording Process Overview:
While in a Zoom meeting, click the record button. A recording of the class session will then start and it will save as a mp4 file on your local computer. The Zoom recording will capture the video and audio of  whoever is talking and the screen shared content. You can start/pause/stop the recording by clicking the button. Once your lecture is complete end the meeting (You do not have to hit stop recording before ending the meeting). You will then see a Zoom Conversion Box pop up indicating that your recording is being converted into its .mp4 format, this conversion process may take some time. Once completed, a file browser window with a Time Stamp Zoom folder opens. 

You will see 3 files; your video file is the one named “Zoom_0.mp4”. Rename this file to your dept and class number with a date. (Ex: MIRS 1234_03162020). You will then transfer that file to a folder on the “L” drive or the “Cahshare” called “2021 Fall – Zoom Recording Dropbox” (\\ah\cahshare$\2021 fall - Zoom Recording Dropbox).  Utilize the below steps if requesting a link to your video file for posting into D2L.

  • Email ISS ( and - please email both.
  • ISS will provide a link to post into your D2L course.
  • Posting the link into your D2L course.
    • Go to the location in your Table of Contents that want the link to be located.
    • Click Upload/Create (in blue).
    • Choose Create a Link.
    • Title the link as desired in the Title field.
    • Paste the provided video link in the URL field.
    • Click Open as External Resource.
    • Create.

Respondus 4 ©

Respondus 4 © (Faculty/Staff Version) Software that converts electronic documents to online exams in course sites.

Note: Respondus 4.0 only works on computers running Windows.

Download: Current Respondus Version | Requires a password. Contact: Pam Farmer or Gina Vile

Website: Quick start guides and videos can be found on the Respondus resources page.

Important: If you have trouble installing or running the Faculty/Staff version of Respondus, you may need to visit the company's website and download a patch to update it. Find the latest patch on the Respondus software updates page.

Respondus Monitor

iSpring Resources

iSpring Software
E-learning software. Converting PowerPoints into online formats: HTML5 and video.  Intergrated with D2L for industry leading learning.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service available to the faculty and staff at OUHSC. To request a Turnitin account, please contact us.

Qualtrics Resources

Qualtrics Surveys
Create professional online surveys quickly and easily. Contact Pam or Gina for more information.

VPN Connection

Remote Work Guide

Option 1 -  – “Mydesk” - Your virtual machine! -- Directions Here

  • This option offers absolutely the EASIEST way to connect to your OUHSC email and file shares from off campus. This option allows you to connect to a pre-built encrypted Windows desktop that runs in your web browser. It has basic productivity apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and the Google Chrome browser. 
  • This method is recommended for everyone but also including those connecting with a personal device that has not been encrypted by COAH IT. This method offers an encrypted environment.

Option 2 – “Global Protect” using PingID

  • Multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to online accounts and is required for a number of systems at OU when connecting from off-campus. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or other mobile device) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password.

PingID Enrollment

Zoom Video Conferencing

Video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.  

COAH - Zoom Resources

Schedule class meetings links
  1. Sign in to the Zoom application on your computer, and click the “Schedule” button. 
  2. Set the name as your class name and number, and make sure “Outlook” is selected at the bottom (You must have Outlook Open Already). Or choose “Other Calendars” if you don’t want to save it to your Outlook calendar.  
  3. Select "Recurring meeting". 
  4. Click advanced options. 
  5. Select "Mute participants upon entry" 
  6. Add as alternative hosts COAH IT by email: and
  7. Click schedule. An Outlook event invitation opens if you select that option.
Distribute your Zoom Link

Please post your Zoom meeting information into each D2L course(s).  You will post it as an announcement.

1.    Go to your Course Home.
2.    Click on the arrow to the right of the Announcement heading.
3.    Choose New Announcement.
4.    Give your announcement the Headline: Join the Live Zoom Meeting Here.
5.    Provide your zoom course invitation link in the Content area.
6.    The Start Date should default to the current date/time.  No need to change this area.
7.    Publish.

Other Helpful Tools

  • Digital Services - Academic Media
    • Poster Printing
    • Professional Lecture Capture
    • Video Production