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Nutritional Sciences Research, Centers, and Labs

Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Laboratory

Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Laboratory

Dr. Susan Sisson leads Interdisciplinary, policy, system, and environment research to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors (dietary intake, screen time, and physical activity) in early childhood and with caregivers to prevent chronic disease. Many projects include collaboration with indigenous communities.



Cardiovascular Nutrition Lab

Plant-based sources of dietary nitrate improve athletic performance and lower blood pressure as well as other indices of cardiovascular disease risk.  Dr. Hord investigates the physiological and cellular mechanisms by which nitrate exerts these effects in cell culture and animal models as well as humans.



Dietary Analyses and Nutrition Support

Nutrition support services and dietary analyses and assessment supporting clinical and community research led by Dr. Leah Hoffman.

Interprofessional Education and Pedagogy


Interprofessional Education and Pedagogy

Dr. Katie Eliot’s research focuses on developing and assessing pedagogy for health care learners at all levels to better prepare a collaborative workforce that meets the challenging patient care needs.


stout lab

Stout Laboratory

The central focus of Dr. Stout’s research program is to understand how metabolic disturbances promote aging processes and the onset of chronic diseases. He is particularly interested in the role that sex hormones play in regulating aging and disease due to sex-specific disparities in metabolic disease, inflammatory disorders, and healthspan across the life-cycle. The long-term goal of Dr. Stout’s laboratory is to develop therapeutic strategies that target metabolic signaling pathways in a manner similar to calorie restriction, thereby diminishing age-related diseases and compressing the period of morbidity in mid-to-late life.

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