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Communication Sciences and Disorders

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center! My name is Andrew John and I have the privilege of serving as chairman of the department that enables individuals like you to develop the knowledge and skills to practice as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist. Our department is located in the College of Allied Health on the OUHSC campus in Oklahoma City. The OUHSC is a constantly expanding and comprehensive medical campus known for excellence in healthcare provision, clinical education, and basic and applied research. We are proud to partner with professionals in every field of medicine and healthcare to train the next generation of professionals treating patients with disorders of hearing, speech, language, balance, and swallowing.

Our primary goal is to offer the best education and training possible in the disciplines of audiology and speech-language pathology. To this end we offer an undergraduate, pre-professional bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, which prepares students for graduate school in either audiology or speech-language pathology. 

For students wishing to undertake a professional career in speech-language pathology, we offer the MA degree in speech-language pathology. Our wide variety of clinical practicum sites for the MA degree, both on and off OUHSC campus, make it the premier clinical degree in speech-language pathology in the state of Oklahoma. Our program is also the only one in the state of Oklahoma to offer the AuD, the clinical doctorate in audiology.  Students seeking the AuD also enjoy access to clinical training in a variety of settings, including a full-year placement at an externship site at the conclusion of the degree.  Finally, our program offers the only PhD programs in audiology and speech-language pathology in the state of Oklahoma.  In these programs, students seeking careers in research and academia are provided rigorous training to prepare them as scientists and teachers.

Another major goal of any department on an academic health sciences center, including ours, is to engage in cutting-edge research. We are fortunate to have research faculty who are constantly pushing the envelope in their areas of interest, including childhood language development and disorders, aural rehabilitation, and motor speech disorders.  Students at all levels work as research assistants in many of the department labs. Be sure to check further into our website for detailed information regarding faculty research interests.

Professional services in audiology and speech-language pathology are provided to the public in the John W Keys Speech and Hearing Center. These activities not only help fulfill our goal of service to the people of Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, but also account for a large number of clinical practicum hours for our students. The quality of supervision in the Keys Center is second to none. As can be seen in our website, we offer services for all ages and with all different types of communication disorders.

Please contact me or any of our program coordinators if you would like to visit the department and take a tour.  We are proud of the achievements of our students and hope you will join us!

Diversity Statements

OU Diversity Statement
The University of Oklahoma is committed to achieving a diverse, equitable, and inclusive university community by embracing each person's unique contributions, background and perspectives. The University of Oklahoma recognizes that fostering an inclusive environment for all, with particular attention to the needs of historically marginalized populations, is vital to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our institutional mission. This enhances the OU experience for all students, faculty and staff and for the communities we engage. 

OU Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Calendar

Diversity and Inclusion at ASHA
We affirm the value of diversity and the importance of inclusion, and are committed to ongoing dialogue across cultural lines as a strategy for excellence in serving our members, for addressing the needs of an increasingly diverse society, and as a mechanism for equipping current and future ASHA members to appropriately meet the needs of their clients, patients, and students. We believe that actively pursuing D+I positions us as a leader in the discipline of human communication and related disorders, in the association industry, and allows us to enhance and improve the professional lives of ASHA members and our many stakeholders. We understand that we have to continually improve our D+I efforts to sustain our integrity and achieve maximum impact, to assure that ASHA members practice and function in work environments where they are welcome and valued, and act as needed to protect our members from discrimination and harassment. We will demonstrate an explicit willingness to challenge the status quo, and encourage others with whom we do business, to do so as well.

OU Land Acknowledgement
Long before the University of Oklahoma was established, the land on which the University now resides was the traditional home of the “Hasinais” Caddo Nation and “Kirikirʔi:s” Wichita & Affiliated Tribes.  We acknowledge this territory once also served as a hunting ground, trade exchange point, and migration route for the Apache, Comanche, Kiowa and Osage nations.  Today, 39 tribal nations dwell in the state of Oklahoma as a result of settler and colonial policies that were designed to assimilate Native people.  The University of Oklahoma recognizes the historical connection our university has with its indigenous community. We acknowledge, honor and respect the diverse Indigenous peoples connected to this land. We fully recognize, support and advocate for the sovereign rights of all of Oklahoma’s 39 tribal nations. This acknowledgement is aligned with our university’s core value of creating a diverse and inclusive community. It is an institutional responsibility to recognize and acknowledge the people, culture and history that make up our entire OU Community.