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Room Reservation Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Only OUHSC Faculty and Staff are eligible to reserve rooms/areas. Professional organizations affiliated with CAH faculty or CAH students wishing to reserve a room must have a faculty/staff contact who is willing to reserve the room and assume responsibility. Non-affiliated users must obtain permission from College Administrators before being eligible to use College facilities.

All classrooms (non-DE and DE) are uniformly configured with a whiteboard; projection screen(s); ceiling mounted projector(s); fixed location podium with desktop microphone and lapel mic; in-room PC access at the podium; laptop PC connection at the podium; DVD/VHS and desktop presenter at the podium. Podiums and room equipment are not movable. Dimmable lighting in all classrooms.

DE classrooms also include video conference equipment capable of live two-way video and audio; transmission and reception of digital content (computer and desktop presenter images); analog phone line available for single telephone connection or webinar audio (long-distance fees will apply); Because there are fixed push-to-talk microphones at tables, rearranging tables is not allowed in DE classrooms. Podiums and room equipment are not movable.

Conference and seminar rooms have fixed tables, movable chairs, whiteboards, video/computer projection (device varies by room), in-room PC, lapel mic and push-to-talk table mics, and DVD/VHS. Some rooms have desktop presenters available. No podium in these rooms. Dimmable lighting in these rooms.

The atrium and mezzanine do not have a podium, mic, or food tables. The requestor must make their own arrangements for these items.

Reservations for events that recur more than twice a month require additional permission from College Administrators.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (405) 271-6588.

Additional Information


Parking arrangements need to be made at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled event by emailing OUHSC Parking Services at Alternate parking facilities will be arranged according to availability. 

Equipment Information / Tables

  • Use of videoconference equipment on evenings and weekends requires technical support (additional cost).
  • In non-DE classrooms rearrangement of tables and chairs is with permission of the college. All tables and chairs must be returned to original configuration at the end of event. Podiums and room equipment are not movable.
  • In DE classrooms tables and chairs cannot be rearranged. Podiums and room equipment are not movable. 
  • For tables you will need to fill out an SUR for a moving request.  Have them move the tables from AHB 2067 to the room you are requesting.  You will also have to do an SUR to have them put back after your event.

Responsibilities of Event Organizer

Responsibilities of the event organizer included but are not limited to: Liability for damage and cleaning costs (for spilled food and beverage). Removing all generated trash (bags provided) to the garbage receptacle in the parking lot outside the Southeast door. Cooperating with campus police and college personnel.

Failure to comply with policies will lead to loss of consideration for future reservations for group.

It is the requestor’s responsibility to call Campus Police (271-4300) if event is cancelled so the Allied Health Building can be secured. 

Details of Available Rooms

AHB Atrium (70 seats)

The Atrium does not have a podium, mic, or food tables.  
The requestor must make their own arrangements for these items.

AHB Mezzanine (15 seats)

The Mezzanine does not have a podium, mic, or food tables. 
The requestor must make their own arrangements for these items.

AHB 1046 (87 seats)

Non-Distance Education with AV overflow from 1117 and 1047 

AHB 1047 (95 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 1117 (145 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 2038 (50 seats)

Non-Distance Education


AHB 2039 (32 seats)

Non-Distance Education


AHB 2045 (38 seats)

Non-Distance Education


AHB 2046 (40 seats)

Non-Distance Education


AHB 2049 (60 seats)

Non-Distance Education


AHB 2050 (48 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 2055 (30 seats)


AHB 2056 (14 seats)

AHB 2058 (68 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 2059 (68 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 2060 (48 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 2065 (52 seats)

Distance Education


AHB 3025 (20 seats)

Distance Education
Large Conference


AHB 3028 (10 seats)

Distance Education
Small Conference


AHB 3129 (8 seats)

Non-Distance Education


AHB 3132 (11 seats)

AHB 3154 (6 seats)

Non-Distance Education
Meeting Space 


AHB 3155 (12 seats)

Dean's Conference Room

  • 75” TV 
  • In-room PC available. 
  • Laptop Input available. 
  • Video Conferencing with Software conferencing solutions like Zoom, Teams, Etc. | can connect to traditional DE Polycom rooms through Zoom.  
  • Meeting Owl 360-degree webcam