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Dean Jane Wilson

Greetings and welcome to The University of Oklahoma, College of Allied Health!

Dean Jane WIlsonOn behalf of the faculty, staff and students at the College of Allied Health, I want to thank you for your interest in becoming a health care professional through one of our accredited educational programs. The college has a rich and accomplished history. Our faculty members have educated thousands of highly qualified professionals who serve as clinicians, educators, research scientists and administrators in the nation’s health care delivery and educational systems.

The college is an integral element of the OU Health Sciences Center, with campuses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and is recognized for excellence in professional education, scholarship and clinical care. Our cutting edge technology and renowned faculty enhance the ability of the college to educate future health care professionals, provide advancements in knowledge through research and scholarly activities and broaden the availability of our clinical services. The future for the college is excellent as we build upon the strengths of our heritage to become a nationally recognized college dedicated to the education of health care professionals in the United States.

Please share in our excitement as you browse through the college website, its departments and the programs we offer. We look forward to working with you as you consider an exciting future as a health care professional!

Dean Jane Wilson

​Office of the Dean Staff

Lance A. Leonard

Lance A. Leonard, MBA

  • Associate Dean for Administration and Finance