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Thank You for Your Application

If you were admitted to our program, click here for instructions on what you must complete ASAP in order to begin our program.

If you were denied to the program, you may have questions about how you can improve your chances for admission next year.  The admission statistics are posted on our website in order to give you goals to aim for.

Most commonly, applicants need to work on the following to become more competitive for admission to our programs:

  • Science GPA: ALL hard-core animal/human science courses are calculated in your science GPA for our admission purposes. These courses may include but are not limited to Biology I and II, Microbiology, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cell Biology, Physics I and II, Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc.  Please keep in mind that courses such as botany, health/exercise science, earth science, physical science, etc will not be calculated in the science GPA when considered for admission to our program.  If you have a question about whether a specific course calculates into your science GPA and it was not answered here, please send an email to or call (405) 271-6588. Please note that the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Occupational Therapy programs utilize the Science GPA as calculated by PTCAS and OTCAS, respectively. Please refer to each system’s website for more details on how they calculate the Science GPA.;
  • Cumulative GPA;
  • GRE scores (if required for admission to our program);
  • Repeated courses: please note that if you repeated a course, we utilize the grade from the first time you took it and the second time you took it in your GPA because we do not allow grade forgiveness like the college/university you attended may have;
  • Career Goal Statement/CAS applicant questions: review your career goal statement or questions on the CAS application (if required) carefully.  It is wise to have two or three people that you trust review your statement/answers and give you their input. 
  • References (if required for admission to the program): We recommend that you carefully consider the people you selected as your references. You might ask them to please send you a copy of the letter they are planning to upload to your application so that you know if that letter may be helping or hurting your chances for admission.

If you have additional questions not answered above, please email us at or call (405) 271-6588.