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Video Capture of Classroom Lectures Policy

Instructions:  (For internal use only: CAH faculty, staff, and students (with permission) 

  1. This is a policy to enable faculty to request video capture of classroom lecture.
    Advanced notice of 1 business day (24 hours) is required for all capture requests.
  2. If less than 24 hours before capture, your request will be sent to Pam Farmer for approval.
    This additional step may delay your request. If less than 24 hours in advance of class time, please provide notification in comment box at end of form. Video Capture for single student absence is generally not reasonable.
  3. If request is for entire semester, your request will be sent to Pam Farmer. Please provide justification for recording all semester lectures in comment box at the end of the form.
    • A request for longer than 1 week will need ADRC approval. Please send a copy of the letter to Pam Farmer/Gina Vile.
  4. Appropriate criteria for video capture: 
    • Content to be added to web-based course
    • Guest lecture
    • Content for continuing education
    • Faculty development (i.e. improving presentation skills, technique demonstration, etc)
    • Planned faculty absence
    • Planned student leave for medical reasons (i.e. surgery, childbirth, injury, infectious disease, or extended illness.) *Captures for one student for one class period will likely not be approved. A request for longer than 1 week will need DRC approval. Please send a copy of the letter to Pam Farmer/Gina Vile.
    • Inclement Weather
  5. Copyright Materials/Video Release:
    Guest lecturers need to complete a video release form before capture can occur. Please note: all presentations that contain copyright materials need copyright permission.
  6. Video Retention
    • One-time "student issue" recordings will be deleted two weeks after the final date of the semester. (effective 3/1/2017)
    • Guest lectures will be deleted after 90 days and archived to a DVD for department storage. (effective 3/1/2017)
    • If you need your video longer than the posted retention times, please contact ISS (Pam Farmer or Gina Vile).
  7. Allied Health is not set up to do routine video captures for other colleges using our classrooms.
    Our capacity for video capture is very limited even for our own faculty. Please contact AMDS/Academic Technology (405.271.2318) to arrange for rental and setup of one of their Media Site units for capturing non-Allied Health lectures.
  8. Please make sure that you have reserved your rooms! Information on room reservations can be found here.
  9. Accessibility of Lectures
    Links to video captures will be posted to D2L courses if requested within 48 hours. The exceptions are Saturday captures which will be available by end of day the following Tuesday.
  10. Request for other formats for video captures (such as DVD) require additional information and need prior approval.

Video Capture of Classroom Lectures Form

If your capture request fits the above criteria, please fill out the Video of Capture Classroom Lectures Form. Thank you!