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The purpose of SOTA is twofold. First, SOTA will increase campus and community awareness of the occupational therapy profession. Second, SOTA will be active on national issues by sending an ASD Delegate to the annual AOTA Conference every year.

Membership requirements: In order to be eligible for membership, a Student Body Member must be enrolled as a MOTS of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association
The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.


SOTA Officers 2020



  • This month's general meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 21st at noon via zoom. A link will be provided through email. 
  • OKOTA Annual Conference will occur on:
    • Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 8:00am- 5:00pm and Friday, October 9th from 8:30am - 4:00pm 
    • The conference will be live via Zoom - Register online to receive the zoom link
    • Prices - $20 per day for members, $149 per day for non-members
  • 2020 AOTA/ NBCOT National Student Conclave will occur on November 4-6, 2020.
    • The event will be live online
    • Early Registration is now open until October 19th
    • Full registration: AOTA members is $50 for early registrations, $75 after
    • Daily registration: For members: $25
  • AOTA annual conference will occur April 8-11, 2021 in San Diego, CA. Registration opens in December 2020.


2020 - 2021 Bylaws


Occupational therapy students enrolled full-time at OUHSC are qualified to be members of SOTA. To be a member in good standing, and receive recognition at graduation, students must complete the requirements of ‘Membership in Good Standing’ as outlined below.

Membership in Good Standing:

  • Must be enrolled as a MOTS of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • First and Second Year OTS
    • Attends 2 general SOTA meetings each semester (4 annually)
    • Receives the following points each semester: 2 service, 2 fundraising, and 2 campus involvement, and 2 professional development (Total of 8 per semester, 16 annually)
  • Third Year OTS
    • Attend 1 general SOTA meeting each semester (2 annually)
    • Participate in 1 service, fundraising, campus involvement, and professional development event per year (total of 4 points per academic year)

AOTA Conference Reimbursement

  • Must maintain all requirement of membership in good standing
  • First and Second Year OTS
    • Receives a minimum total of the following points by the end of April: 15 fundraising, 10 service, 3 professional development, and 2 campus involvement
  • Third Year OTS
    • Receives a minimum total of the following points by the end of April: 5 fundraising, & 5 which may be a combination of service, community involvement, and/or professional development points
  • All students must submit the Letter of Commitment by the specified due date.

Please email one of the officers listed above to update or inquire about your points.

Membership Standings

Points Record (As of 9/25/2020)

Please email a SOTA Executive Officer if you have questions regarding your point status.



Meeting Information

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  • OT Stickers $5 each
    • Sale is going from September 23rd to the 30th
  • OKOTA Shirts $22
    • Sale is going from Sept. 25th to October 12th





  • Food Drive with Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
    • 1 point per 6 cans or 4 boxed food items
    • Ends September 28th
    • Sign-up on google doc
    • Bring items to OT lab


  • Little Light House
    • Making sensory mats
    • More info to come
  • Food Drive with Broken Arrow Neighbors
    • October 5th-16th
    • 1 point per 6 cans or 4 boxed food items
    • Sign-up on google doc
    • Bring items to 2E01


AOTA Annual Conference

AOTA Annual Conference


Please email any fun OT photos Kambri Gabel ( ) or post them on our SOTA Facebook page!