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Student Dietetic Association


The Student Dietetic Association provides opportunities for professional development through, leadership, nutrition education, and service.


  • enhance leadership abilities of students
  • promote professional growth and development of students
  • promote the profession of dietetics
  • coordinate student activities
  • promote community service related to nutrition education
  • promote collegiality

President: Linda Herrera

Linda Herrera
Linda Herrera
Favorite Food: Camarones al mojo de ajo
Areas of interest: Eating Disorders and Child/Adolescent Nutrition

  • Preside over meetings
  • Determine agenda for meetings
  • Confer with the executive committee regarding association business
  • Assure parliamentary procedures in meetings
  • Forward the aims and goals of the organization
  • Inform members about upcoming events going around campus
  • Rough draft meeting agendas to officiate with secretary 

Vice President: Annie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen
Favorite Food: Shrimp tacos and potatoes (of any form or style)
Areas of interest: Community, Corporate Wellness, and Sports

  • Preside over meetings in president’s absence
  • Assist President and other members with responsibilities
  • Succeed to the office of the President in case of a vacancy 
  • Preside over the Mentor Program
  • White Coat Ceremony Planning

Secretary: Grace Hernke

Grace Hernke
Grace Hernke
Favorite Food: Food, but French Fries if I had to pick 
Areas of interest: Clinical Nutrition and Academia  

  • Take minutes at all association meetings to be read at the next meeting and kept on file
  • Send minutes to department secretary to send out to students
  • Prepare and distribute announcements, flyers, etc., including OCDDA information and scheduled meetings
  • Assist the President when called upon to do so
  • Maintain a file of association correspondence
  • Maintain/handout association information brochure at first meeting in August 
  • Disseminate information about scholarships and awards.
  • Schedule rooms, send emails, take notes and minutes on meeting. 


Treasurer: Jeremiah McGuire

Jeremiah McGuire
Jeremiah McGuire
Favorite Food: Sashimi and Salad
Area of Interest: Holistic Wellness

  • Keep an accurate record of all financial transactions and report them to the association at each meeting
  • Assist the President when called upon to do so
  • Receive all money and initiate all drafts
  • Write receipts for purchases through association
  • Help with financial side of fundraisers
  • Pay/Manage money for SDA cuisine

Historian: Quena Johnson

Quena Johnson
Quena Johnson
Favorite Food: Anything Carb and Hummus
Areas of interest: Functional and Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Wellness, and Community Nutrition

  • Establish and maintain an ongoing record of association activities
  • Assist the President when called upon to do so
  • Maintain order at meetings
  • Take pictures at association events
  • Send out pictures to be posted on website/shown to students
  • Update social media

Recruitment Officer: Megan Watson

Megan Watson
Megan Watson
Favorite Food: Blueberries and anything with dark chocolates 
Areas of interest: Private Practice and Sports Nutrition

  • Responsible for designing and updating the webpage for the association
  • Assist the department secretaries with the department newsletter
  • Present on the Norman Campus to the Exploring Majors class about Nutritional Sciences or find someone to do so if schedule conflicts
  • Report updates of the committee’s activities to the association and to the faculty advisor at each meeting
  • Act as a liaison with the Norman Campus Student Association


Professional Development Chair: Olivia Beall

Olivia Beall
Olivia Beall
Favorite Food: Sushi
Areas of Interest: Integrative and Functional Medicine and Pediatrics

  • Plan and maintain communication with chosen guest speakers
  • Report updates of the committee’s activities to the association and to the faculty advisor at each meeting
  • Work with faculty advisor on relations with speakers


Service Chair: Murphy Fryer

Murphy Fryer
Murphy Fryer
Favorite Food: Pasta 
Area of interest: Oncology

  • Develop and organize community service activities for the association with the support of the service committee
  • Report updates of the committee activities to the association and the faculty advisor at each meeting
  • Plan activities for National Nutrition Month

Fundraising Chair: Jasmine Kieu

Jasmine Kieu
Jasmine Kieu
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Areas of interest: Cardiac Nutrition and Food Management

  • Plan and execute at least one fundraiser per semester for SDA funds
  • Plan and execute one fundraiser per year for FNCE or other convention funds
  • Work with Treasurer to ensure that there are enough funds for SDA events and functions
  • Handle licensing of OU associated fundraising when necessary.

Social Chair: Madeline Vancuren

Madeline Vancuren
Madeline Vancuren
Favorite Food: Hot Cheetos
Area of Interest: Corporate Wellness and Private Practice/Entrepreneurialism 

  • Report updates of the committee’s activities to the association and to the faculty advisor at each meeting
  • Plan Social Events
  • Order food for SDA meetings