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Student Dietetic Association


The Student Dietetic Association provides opportunities for professional development through, leadership, nutrition education, and service.


●    enhance leadership abilities of students
●    promote professional growth and development of students
●    promote the profession of dietetics
●    coordinate student activities
●    promote community service related to nutrition education
●    promote collegiality

Nutrition News


Meeting Information

Any meeting information can be found in our GroupMe and to be added to this group chat, please email the SDA President!


Oklahoma Food Bank

Lopez Foods Site Visit

Oil Tree Site Visit

President: Elissa Williams

Elissa Williams
Nutrition Area of Interest: NICU/Pediatrics, Oncology
Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Rice

●    Preside over meetings
●    Determine agenda for meetings
●    Confer with the executive committee regarding association business
●    Assure parliamentary procedures in meetings
●    Forward the aims and goals of the organization
●    Inform members about upcoming events going around campus
●    Rough draft meeting agendas to officiate with the secretary

Vice President: Lindsey Amundsen

Lindsey Amundsen
Nutrition Area of Interest: Pediatrics
Favorite Food: Steak

●    Preside over meetings in president’s absence
●    Assist President and other members with responsibilities
●    Succeed to the office of the President in case of a vacancy 
●    Preside over the Mentor Program
●    White Coat Ceremony Planning

Secretary: Caiton Wilmoth

Caiton Wilmoth

Nutrition Area of Interest: Pediatric Nutrition, Food Allergies, Clinical Dietetics, Sports Nutrition
Favorite Food: Tacos

●    Take minutes at all association meetings to be read at the next meeting and kept on file
●    Send minutes to department secretary to send out to students
●    Prepare and distribute announcements, flyers, etc., including OCDDA information and scheduled meetings
●    Assist the President when called upon to do so
●    Maintain a file of association correspondence
●    Maintain/handout association information brochure at first meeting in August 
●    Disseminate information about scholarships and awards.
●    Schedule rooms, send emails, take notes and minutes on meeting. 


Treasurer: Mariana Garcia

Mariana Garcia

Nutrition Area of Interest: Undetermined, Possibly Pediatrics
Favorite Food: Pozole

●    Keep an accurate record of all financial transactions and report them to the association at each meeting
●    Assist the President when called upon to do so
●    Receive all money and initiate all drafts
●    Write receipts for purchases through association
●    Help with financial side of fundraisers
●    Pay/Manage money for SDA cuisine

Historian: Chloe Franklin

Chloe Franklin

Nutrition Area of Interest: Eating Disorders, Oncology, Bariatrics, Community Nutrition
Favorite Food: Chicken Caesar Salad

●    Establish and maintain an ongoing record of association activities
●    Assist the President when called upon to do so
●    Maintain order at meetings
●    Take pictures at association events
●    Send out pictures to be posted on website/shown to students
●    Update social media

Recruitment Officer: Olivia Riggs

Olivia Riggs

Nutrition Area of Interest: Private Practice, Sports Nutrition, Pregnancy, Pediatrics 
Favorite Food: Sushi

●    Responsible for designing and updating the webpage for the association
●    Assist the department secretaries with the department newsletter
●    Present on the Norman Campus to the Exploring Majors class about Nutritional Sciences or find someone to do so if schedule conflicts
●    Report updates of the committee’s activities to the association and to the faculty advisor at each meeting
●    Act as a liaison with the Norman Campus Student Association


Professional Development Chair: Kendra Evans

Kendra Evans

Nutrition Area of Interest: Diabetes Counseling, Community Nutrition 
Favorite Food: Frozen Yogurt

●    Plan and maintain communication with chosen guest speakers
●    Report updates of the committee’s activities to the association and to the faculty advisor at each meeting
●    Work with faculty advisor on relations with speakers


Service Chair: Sallie Kight

Sallie Kight

Nutrition Area of Interest: NICU
Favorite Food: Yellow Curry

●    Develop and organize community service activities for the association with the support of the service committee
●    Report updates of the committee activities to the association and the faculty advisor at each meeting
●    Plan activities for National Nutrition Month

Fundraising Chair: Sophia Moes

Sophia Moes

Area of Interest: Sports Nutrition, Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating, and Private Practice
Favorite Food: Caprese Sandwich

●    Plan and execute at least one fundraiser per semester for SDA funds
●    Plan and execute one fundraiser per year for FNCE or other convention funds
●    Work with Treasurer to ensure that there are enough funds for SDA events and functions
●    Handle licensing of OU-associated fundraising when necessary.

Social Chair: Peyton Kuester

Peyton Kuester

Nutrition Area of Interest: Neonatal, Counseling, Oncology 
Favorite Food: Thai Noodles

●    Report updates of the committee’s activities to the association and to the faculty advisor at each meeting
●    Plan Social Events
●    Order food for SDA meetings