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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)


Course numbers are those of the University of Oklahoma. Approved prerequisite courses are offered at many institutions. Check the Transfer Equivalencies Database or with your school advisor regarding equivalent courses. There are instructions on that page on how to request a transcript evaluation for particular courses if your courses are not listed in the database.

Click here to use the prerequisite worksheet to keep track of your prerequisite classes. 

OU Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Footnote
PSY 2603 Developmental Psychology 3  
CHEM 1315 General Chemistry I and Lab 4-5  
BIOL 2234 or 2255 Human Anatomy 4-5  
BIOL 2124 Human Physiology 4  
BIOL 1005 or 1124  Concepts in Biology or Intro Biol: Molecule/Cell/Phys     4-5  
PHYS 2414 Physics I for Life Science Majors 4  
PHYS 2424 Physics II for Life Science Majors 4  
COMM 2513, ECON 2843, PSY 2113,
or PSY 2003
Understanding Statistics 3 1
(1) It is recommended that the applicant take an equivalent course to OU course number PSY 2003.  If there is not an equivalent course at your college/university for PSY 2003, it is acceptable to take an equivalent course to OU’s course numbers PSY 2113, COMM 2513, or ECON 2843.