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Occupational Therapist visits Uganda

Occupational Therapist visits Uganda

Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2018

This June, Dr. Jessica Tsotsoros, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, returned to Uganda on a medical mission trip with two second year OT students, Sarah Bulloch and Hannah Kindle.  One week was spent in Kampala at the GEM Foundation, a home caring for 40 children with special needs who have been abandoned.  Here the group provided hands-on training on safe feeding, positioning, and play for over 40 caregivers and staff.  They also provided training on low tech assistive technology devices.  The second week the group went to Jinja with Sole Hope a foundation who provides education and medical services for those suffering with jiggers (a parasitic flea that burrows into the feet and hands in sub-Saharan parts of the world and causes tissue damage).  The group assisted with a medical clinic for jigger removal at a large school and provided education to social workers and educators strategies to teach prevention and hygiene routine for adults and kids with special needs.  The group plans to return to Uganda the summer of 2019 to continue these efforts.  

In addition, Dr. Tsotsoros began a study on play participation at a large rural primary school.