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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jennifer Graef, Dept of Nutritional Sciences, Selected for TPIR Research Program

Jennifer Graef, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, has been selected as a trainee in the Translating Practice into Research (TPIR) program offered through the Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources (OSCTR). The OSCTR TPIR trainee program is an education and mentoring program for practicing healthcare professionals, clinical investigators, and basic scientists designed to assist in the development of clinical and/or translational research skills. Dr. Graef received her Dietetics training through the Department of Nutritional Sciences at OUHSC and obtained her Registered Dietitian credentials, before completing a doctoral degree with basic science training. This program will provide the skillset necessary for Dr. Graef to translate her bench science findings into clinically relevant outcomes, improving the health of our local community members and beyond.