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Beth LaneBeth Lane, M.A., CCC-SLP is the Director for iLEAP. She currently supervises graduate students in administering speech and language therapy and evaluations as well as providing direct intervention to children and adults at the John W. Keys Clinic. She also teaches a class on Introduction to Articulation Disorders and a class on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Her experience includes over 20 years in the public school setting and working with children on the autism spectrum. Her training includes:

  • Autism Summer Internship- University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center MESA Project, 2016
  • LAMP (Language Acquisition through Motor Planning), 2018
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech: The K-SLP methods and behavioral strategies to build successful vocal communication, 2017
  • Applied behavioral Analysis (ABA) in the schools, Level 1 and 2.

Ms. Lane directs the section of the preschool that is designed to assist children on the autism spectrum utilizing behavior supports, picture schedules, and augmentative communication as needed.