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Accent Modification Program (AMP)

Who We Serve:

  • Our clients are nonnative English speakers who are proficient in spoken English.
  • We serve students preparing to enter the professional world, professionals currently in the workplace, and any person wanting to improve their English communication skills.
  • We train both pediatric and adult clients. 

Is AMP Appropriate for You?

  • Are you often misunderstood?
  • Do you frequently have to repeat yourself?
  • Are people more focused on how you speak than on what you are saying?
  • Is the way you speak preventing you from getting the job you want?
  • Are you embarrassed or upset when people have difficulty understanding you?

What We Offer:

The Accent Modification Program (AMP) can help you improve your speech intelligibility for Standard American English and gain confidence in your communication.

The goal of this program is not to eliminate your accent, rather to improve your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English. Nonnative speakers often pronounce English based on their native sound systems of stress and intonation which can vary greatly from English. This can lead to miscommunication and cause frustration for the speaker and listener.  Our program is customized for each individual to meet their specific communication needs. We offer expertise in accent modification in a positive and supportive environment. You will receive a full speech evaluation with a personalized treatment plan and one-on-one training. During your evaluation, we will record and analyze your speech sample. Together, we will identify your personal goals for improved communication and create a customized plan for your one-on-one treatment sessions.

Areas To Be Addressed Include:

  • Standard American English pronunciation
  • Stress patterns of American English
  • Appropriate pitch and intonation patterns
  • Appropriate rate of speech
  • Voice projection
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Vocabulary needed for the workplace
  • Carryover of techniques to conversational speech
  • Practice exercises to complete between sessions

​AMP Package Includes:

  • Full speech evaluation and Individual plan
  • 9 one-hour one-on-one training sessions
  • Carryover exercises to work on in between sessions
  • Option to schedule more sessions if desired


  • Cost of AMP package including speech evaluation and 9 one-hour sessions is $925.00
  • Reduced prices available for current OU and OUHSC students and faculty


For questions or to schedule an appointment call (405) 271-2866

Who We Are:

P Keates

Peter Keates, DMA, CCC-SLP is the director of the Accent Modification Program in the John W. Keys Speech and Hearing Center. Dr. Keates began his career as a professor of voice and professional singer.  He currently practices as a Speech-Language Pathologist licensed in the state of Oklahoma. He teaches Phonetics in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department in the College of Allied Health and has taught diction courses in English, French, Italian, and German. He has performed repertoire in Italian, Latin, German, French, Russian, Czech, Finnish, Spanish, and Mandarin and continues to perform professionally. After coaching singers in foreign language diction for many years and training accent modification in the clinic as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Dr. Keates offers a unique and exciting expertise in clinical accent modification.