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Have a Story Idea?

We want your story ideas so we can share and feature them in all the media channels the College of Allied Health is connected to and potentially the University as well. Share your story idea by completing the form below. 

Things to consider providing to us when submitting your idea using the form below:

•    Why is this important?
•    How does it help tell the story of the College of Allied Health, your department, and/or your program?
•    Does it illustrate values of the College of Allied Health?  
•    Does it showcase student, faculty, staff, alumni, or administrator life? 
•    Is this related to a specific program, course, research project, and/or academic department? 
•    Who in the OU Health Sciences Center, OU Norman, and OU Tulsa community is involved? 
•    Is there a website associated with your story? If so, please include the URL in the form below.
•    What is the timing of your story? Is there a specific date, week, month, or semester for your idea? Or is it ongoing?
•    What images do you have to include? 

If you have a story from your department or program that you think the OU family needs to know, please submit it by emailing