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Peggy Turner, MS, RD/LD, FAND

Peggy Turner, MS, RD/LD, FAND

Professor Emeritus


MS, Nutritional Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2004

Research Interests:

Nutrition Support
Liver Disease
Use of technology to save time and reduce errors
Electronic Medical Records

Clinical Interests:

Nutrition Informatics
Nutrition Support
Exercise/Activity on weight status
Clinical Drug Studies
Nutrition Care Process

Select Publications:


  • Turner, P., Eliot K., Kent S., Rusnak S., Landers P. Level of implementation of the Institute of Medicine recommended core competencies among dietetic education programs. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In press March 2017
  • Thompson, B.M., Bratzler, D.W., Fisher, M.J., Tores, A., EPIC Faculty, Sparks, R.A., Working together: Using a unique approach to evaluate an interactive and clinic-based longitudinal interprofessional education experience with 13 professions. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 2016;30(6):754-761
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  • Vincent V., Ayers P., Kraft M., Mitchell R., Plogstead S., Soden J., Van Way C., Winter J., Kent S., Turner P., Bouche J., Quirk D. Follow-Up Survey on functionality of Nutrition Documentation and Ordering Support in Commercially Available EHR Systems.  Nutrition In Clinical Practice, 2016;31(3):401-415       
  • Turner P. Catch Cab Fever NDEP Newsletter Winter 2016
  • Ayres, E. J., Greer-Carney, J. L., Fatzinger-Mcshane, P. E., Miller, A., Turner, P. Nutrition Informatics Competencies Across All Levels of Practice: A National Delphi Study.  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2012;112(12):2042-2053
  • Landers, P., Richardson, S., Turner, P. Outline for Writing a Nutrition Case Study Report. Dietetic Educators of Practitioners Dietetic Practice Group NDEP Newsletter Fall 2010
  • Turner, P.R., Burgin, C.E., Funderburg, K.M., Van Grevenhof, J., Knehans, A.W. Use of Personal Digital Assistants Among Dietitians and Dietetic Students in Oklahoma: Should Programs Incorporate PDA Training into their Curricula.       Journal of Allied Health. Fall 2007


  • Minh Truong, Peggy Turner MS LD/RD FAND, Kerry Carfagno, Joane Less, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRC, Minu George MD, Piers Blackett MD: Point of Care Wellness Testing, (student poster) Pediatric Research Day, OKC, OK, May 2016 
  • K. Carfagno; P. Turner, MS, RD/LD; M. Troung; P.R. Blackett, MD: Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Risk Metrics in Children with Endocrine Disorders. (student poster) College of Allied Health Research Day, April 2016
  • Peggy Turner MS RD/LD, FAND, Kerry Carfagno, Minh Truong, Joane Less, RN, BSN, MBA, CCRC, Minu George MD, Piers Blackett MD: Point of Care Screening for Cholesterol and Modified American Heart Association Seven Metrics PESTOLA Meeting, Fort Worth, TX, Jan 2016
  • Turner, P., Level of implementation of the IOM’s recommended 5 core competencies for healthcare professionals among ACEND programs. Scholarship in Progress project. June 2015.
  • Daya Cherian, MS Candidate, RD/LD; Marianne Wetherill, PhD, RD/LD; Peggy Turner, MS, RD/LD Prevalence of nutrition-related risk factors to inform a nutritional risk screening tool for low-income people living with HIV/AIDS in Central Oklahoma. (student poster) Oklahoma Dietetic Association, March 2012
  • May, K., Frampton, A., Turner, P., Campbell, J., Sisson, S.B. An Assessment of Child Care Center Staff Nutrition Education on Staff Food Behaviors. (student poster) OUHSC, Graduate Research and Education Technology Symposium, March 28-31, 2011.
  • Mitchell, M.E., Knehans, A.K., Turner, P., Skaggs, V., Sisson, S.B. Eating Patterns, Physical Activity and TV Viewing in Children: Research Project Proposal (student poster) Great Symposium, April 2010
  • Turner, P.R., Burgin, C.E., Funderburg, K.M., Van Grevenhof, J., Knehans, A.W. Personal Digital Assistants – Do Dietitians Use Them? JADA. 108, A-37


  • Turner, P., Barbee, C., Sparks, R. Expanding EPIC X 10. All Together Better Health Conference. Oxford England. September 2016
  • Sparks, R., Turner, P., Standardized Patients Strike Fear in a Group of Interprofessional Students at "Fright Night 2013“  Association of Standardized Patient Educators, 2013
  • Mitchell, M.E., Davidson, E.E., Turner, P., Knehans, A.W., Sisson, S.B. Eating Patterns, Physical Activity, and TV Viewing in Children (student oral) GREAT Symposium, March 2011


  • Turner, P., Sparks, R., Ferretti, M, Johnson, C. An EPIC Project: From Classroom to Clinic. Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals Conference, October 2014


  • Fall 2010 American Dietetic Association Research Toolkit. Reviewed 3 of the 7   topic areas per the committee’s request.
  • Charney, P. Practice Paper of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Nutrition Informatics, Journal of the Academy and Nutrition in Dietetics, 112(11):1859 – 1871
  • Spring 2014, MOOC’s for the Masses: Online Nutrition Education. Asked to review the article by Jason Switt for possible publication in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Fall 2015 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. New Accreditation Standards. Ask to serve as a first line review