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Program Support - Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Scholarships are crucial to our students. In order to attract and retain the best students, the Program must provide competitive scholarship packages. Often when these bright students are accepted to multiple programs, they must choose the school where they are offered the most comprehensive scholarship package.

Since the cost of higher education is constantly on the rise, many students struggle to cover the cost of their education. It is especially difficult for students to maintain a job outside the Program because of the rigorous demands of the Program.

The department partners with the United Way of Central Oklahoma to provide the Interprofessional, Language, Enrichment and Pre-Kindergarten program (iLEAP). iLEAP provides a language-rich pre-kindergarten experience for children with delayed communication as well as for children who exhibit typical development. Individual speech-language therapy sessions are provided for children with identified needs. The iLEAP staff is composed of professionals and students from the Communication Sciences
and Disorders Department within the College of Allied Health. The staff includes certified speech-language pathologists and graduate interns in speech-language pathology.  This program provides invaluable hands-on experience for professional students working with children who have special needs. It also teaches them the value of service to their community.

Not only does this program offer invaluable hands-on learning experiences for speech-pathology and audiology students, it also offers a service that many members of the community may not have access to otherwise. This program not only gives students hands-on field experience, it teaches them the value of service to the community.

The Communication Sciences & Disorders Annual Fund assists with many projects. One function of this fund is to help the Department plan to invite guest speakers and lecturers for our students, as well as a nationally recognized speaker for National Allied Health Week each November. Funding is limited, however this is another great opportunity for our students to learn.

Research Equipment is needed throughout the Department. With newly hired research faculty members, we must update our research technology and equipment.