Thank You for Your Application

You may be wondering how you can improve your chances for admission next year.  Most commonly, applicants need to work on their science GPA and GRE scores (if required for admission to our program) to become more competitive for admission.  All hard-core animal/human science courses such as Biology I and II, Microbiology, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cell Biology, Physics I and II, Chemistry I and II, etc will be considered in your science GPA when admission is considered for our program.  Please keep in mind that courses such as botany, health/exercise science, earth science, physical science, etc will not be considered in the science GPA when admission is considered for our program.  If you have a question about whether a specific course calculates into your science gpa, please send an email to or call (405) 271-6588. 

It is also recommended that you review your career goal statement carefully.  It is wise to have two or three people that you trust review your statement and give you their honest input.  We also recommend that you carefully consider the people you selected as your references.  Additionally, if a recommendation letter was required for our application, it is recommended that you carefully consider those and decide if you should select different people to write a letter of recommendation for your next application.  

If you have additional questions not answered above, please email us at or call (405) 271-6588.