Allen Knehans, PhD

Allen Knehans

Dean, College of Allied Health
Chairman, Department of Nutritional Sciences
David Ross Boyd Professor
Stuart C. Miller Professor of Allied Health

E-mail: Allen Knehans

(405) 271-2113 Ext. 41175

Member, Alpha Eta Honor Society

Ph.D., Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, 1979

NS 3173 Organic/Biochemistry
HES 2823 Introductory Nutrition

NS 5663 Obesity
NS 5833 Nonenergy Nutrients

Allied Health Sciences Department:
AHS 4571 Introduction to Research Methodology


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National Institutes of Health.  American Indian Diabetes Prevention Center.  October 2007-2011.  This is a large multi-disciplinary project; I serve as nutrition consultant to a number of core projects.  (Investigator, 10% effort, with N. Henderson)

National Institutes of Health.  Native Healthy Lifestyle: A Return to Balance.  September 2006-2011.  (Co-PI, 10% effort, with E. Lee)

Community- and school-based interventions to prevent adult and childhood obesity

Improving success of bariatric surgery