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Alpha Eta Honor Society

Alpha Eta Logo

Alpha Eta is the National Honor Society of the Allied Health Professions whose members represent the top ten percent of graduates of Allied Health Schools and Colleges. The name is derived from the Greek for the first letters of our profession, Allied (Alpha) and Health (Eta). There are 90 chapters nationwide and nearly 35,000 members that have been initiated since the beginning of Alpha Eta in 1975.

The University of Oklahoma Chapter at the College of Allied Health is the founding chapter in Oklahoma (November 1982). The primary purpose of the Society is to recognize excellence and promote leadership and scholarship in the allied health profession. Each spring the Society hosts the College of Allied Health Research Exposition for students and faculty to exhibit their research.  The University of Oklahoma Chapter at the College of Allied Health by-laws.

Students eligible for membership in Alpha Eta are selected annually. Students and their families are honored at an initiation banquet where they are presented a certificate along with a pin and cord to be worn at graduation with their regalia.

Questions on Alpha Eta or the Application Process

Contact one of the following faculty:

Susan Sisson, President for 2020-2021
Jessica Tsotsoros, Secretary-Treasurer for 2020-2021

Allied Health Sciences: Stacy Anderson 
Communication Sciences and Disorders: Carole Johnson
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences:  Bradford Gildon (OKC) or Jennifer Bagley (Tulsa)
Nutritional Sciences: Leah Hoffman
Rehabilitation Sciences: Susan Tucker (OKC) or Vince Lepak (Tulsa)

Application Materials

Students are selected for Alpha Eta in one of the following two ways:  1) a department may choose to review the listing of eligible students and vote as a faculty to select students who should receive a letter with an offer of membership; or 2) a department may invite all eligible students to apply and review the application materials submitted to select their nominees.  Students who are notified that their department chooses to follow the second approach should receive a letter of invitation to apply for the Alpha Eta Honor Society.  These students should use the links below to complete their application process.

Please make sure to open and complete all PDF forms in either Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Firefox will not allow you to electronically complete forms.





Membership and Banquet Fees

The pay membership links below does not work in Internet Explorer; however, it works in every other web browser (Chrome, FireFox, and Safari/iPhone).

Banquet Details

Date and Time:

David L. Boren Student Union
1106 N Stonewall Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73117

Students, families, friends, and faculty by invitation only

If you have any questions, please call (405) 271-6588.

Faculty Initiates


  • P. Kevin Rudeen - 2011
  • Carole Sullivan - 1985

  • Christi Barbee - 2017
  • Mary Hudson - 2015
  • Andrew John - 2019
  • Carole Johnson - 2014
  • Suzanne Kimball  - 2019
  • Stephen Painton - 1996
  • Mona Ryan - 2013

  • Stacy Anderson - 1993
  • Jennifer Bagley - 2011
  • Jonathan Baldwin - 2002
  • Kari Boyce - 1992
  • Bradford Gildon - 2006
  • Vesper Grantham - 1998
  • Marissa Mangrum - 2001
  • Robin White - 2016

  • Norm Hord - 2020
  • Michael Stout - 2020
  • Brian dela Cruz - 2016
  • Leah Hoffman - 2009
  • Allen Knehans - 1995    
  • Susan Sisson - 2014

  • Sandra Arnold - 2003
  • Denise Bender - 2007
  • Carol Dionne - 2009
  • Elizabeth Hile - 2019
  • Mary Isaacson - 2009
  • Shirley James - 2014
  • Lynn Jeffries - 1987
  • Thubi Kolobe - 2008
  • Vince Lepak - 1999 
  • Kenneth Randall - 1998
  • Jessica Tsotsoros - 2018
  • Susan Tucker - 1984
  • Joshua Williams - 2001

Student Initiates


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Cheyenne Anderson, Teigan Ahrendt,  Logan Bidack, Jenna Curran, Jessica Huddleston, Gabriela Pineros, Yazmine Rivera, Emily Schwartzman
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Kassie Hurst, Eva Longoria, Madilynne Lorant, Lydia Mayfield, Jacqueline Quezada, Carter Torrence, Gabriel Tran 
Nutritional Sciences:  Rachel Castagnola, Sarah Cole, Linda Davila-Herrera, Murphy Fryer, Haley Hubbard, Danielle Kravits, April Worcester 
Rehabilitation Sciences:   Hartley Bowman, Elizabeth Bromlow, Hailey Chamberlin, Kelsey Covalt, Abby Dudney, Emily Fry, Kristin Henson, Rebecca Maeder, Kaylee Moss, Katelyn Robnett, Caroline Wagner, Katie Wilburn, Michele Zezima


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Jacobi Clark, Jessica Dennis, Carol Johnson, McKenzie Kalsu, Chaydee Lawless, Ally Parham, Katherine Riedstra, Sarah Thompson, Amanda Walker
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Laura Bridges, Paige Gentling, Libby Parker, Morgan Shirk, Mallory Smith, Megan Sylestine, Julia Tong, Melanie Ward, Tiffany West 
Nutritional Sciences:  Nicole Bulman, Hope Hetrick, Ezekiel Kresie, Hannalore Stanton, Meghan Tizzano, Olivia Weaver, Bethany Williams
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Bayan Abdallat, Shelby Dickerson, Chelsea Dyer, Grace Eckstrom, Ashlyn Gardner, Taylor Lee, Darshit Patel, Sarah Smith, Jarren Thomas 


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Kristen Barton, Samantha Mills, Alaina Nash, Emily Pollman, Tierani Richardson, Taylor Sweeney, Abigail White, Jayden Williams
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Cathryn Brown, Anna Fitzpatrick, Brianna Goodwin, Anna Omanovic, Wendy Ramirez, Tia Scott, Ben Sampson, Mesha Smith
Nutritional Sciences:  Jacob Demecillo, Derek Fiacco, Sarah Hansen, Melissa Henniger, Johana Jarosova, Marina Lorenzo, Abbie Pierce, Emily Stinner
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Katherine Byrne, Michele Caldwell, Lydia Hilton, Peyton Joines, Hayley Komrij, Randye Sharp, Jacob Stotler, Natalie Wansick, Jacob Ward, Desirae Woodford


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Bailey Baker, Kortney Bush, Alexandra Haag, Haley Hampton, Morgan Hill, Stevana Jeannont, Anna Marie Jilla, Victoria Showalter, Kristin Smelser  Cassandra Ward
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Tana Foster, Alondra Fraire, Kimberly Lazenby, Miranda Moore, Julie Moran, Michaela Smith, Anna Williams, Krista Wolfe, Brooke Woodyard
Nutritional Sciences:  Christine Forsythe, Nicole Hawkins, Kelly Kerr, Kyla Kurczewski, Rebecca Lewis, Rachel Rickman, Lauren San Diego
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Courtney Coon, Rebecca Dorrell, Emily Ingram, Keaton Maddoux, Jennifer Moyano, MacGyver Norris, Derrek Nye, Jennifer Rademacher, Laura Ramseyer, Todd Tucholke, Nana Twum-Ampofo, Kimberly Veirs


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Katelyn Hall, Carlee Harris, Veronica Hassink, Ashley Loney, Mary Lutter, Patricia Moody, Bailee Pearson, Jessica Shannon, and Abigail White
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Jilan Alturkistani, Joseph Arnold, Tayler Brooner, Audrey Burkey, Haley Dakin, Neelie Kuchel, Nicole Langan, Sarah Martin, Drew Stegeman, and Uyen Yang
Nutritional Sciences:  Ashley Brice, Ashley Donovan, Kerry Farrell, Rebecca Fronberry, Catherine Grantham, Michelle Lindell, Sarah Looper, Cady Merchant, and Whitney Warfield
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Kristin Carlson, Maddisen Coleman, Kristan Halliday, Lauren Hebensperger, Paul Spann, Ella Voss, Kayla Woods


Communication Sciences and Disorders:   Abby Brett, Carol Johnson, Kaitlin Lashley, Kailey Mersbach, Taylor Moore, Paige Persons, Scheryiah Romero, and Jenna Smith
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences: Mellissa Carr, Cassie Hathaway, Rachel Lackey, Chris McKee, Benjamin Mowbray, Amanda Newton, Christina Paulson, Tress Tipton, and Hai Tran
Nutritional Sciences:  Sarah Edwards, Kelcie Farley, Raine Fitzgerald, Maggi Gilbert, Brittyn Howard, and Farrah Oxley
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Katelyn Carter, Valerie Clevenger, Alison Gilson, Nikki Haddad, Alexis Langston, Kerry MacDonald, Jack Renfroe, Amanda Rook, Leslie Rowland, and Meredith Wyatt


Communication Sciences & Disorders: Elizabeth Bennett, Allison Clanton, Lauren Ferguson, Emily Mills, Liz Ormsby, Shelby Smith
Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences: Jane Anoke, Trey Dumler, Melina Duran, Michelle Patton, Jennifer Sharp, Hali Thornhill, Heather Yee
Nutritional Sciences: Allison Fassler, Kathryn Lively, Ryann Smalley
Rehabilitation Sciences: Kellen Allen, Annabelle Cummins, Jessica Eckert, Molly Ryan, Sarah Smith, Brittany Wallace, Adrienne Williams


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Reid Ballard, Christine Baukal, Shane Dollarhite, Danielle Hames, Melissa White, and Chloe Winden
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences:  Amber Goldsbury, Kelsey Grimes, Brett Gunzenheiser, Jordan Hull, Elisabeth Johnson, Laura McDaniel, Lauren Penner, and Sandy Shost
Nutritional Sciences:  Ruby Asif, Marta Ferraz Valles, Megan Krampe, Cari Miles, and Wendy Wilson
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Shelby Baity, Abigail Carnes, Shannon Compton, Andrea Cox, Kayla Garver, Jessica Genet, Kristin Schumpert, and Audrey Sublett


Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Abigail Dressler, Gillian Hamm, Marta Ippolito, Haley Ryder, and Micaelan Wright
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences:  Abbey Cockerell, Kyle Espinosa, Cadence Heard, Tanner Hughes, Amanda Mobley, Tabitha Pham, Kristen Schweikhart, and Stephanie Winter
Nutritional Sciences:  Melissa Guzman, Julia Kelly, Hannah Presley, and Kristin Swaim 
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Allison Dunshie, Abby Haney, Michael Koprivnik, Scott McCaulley, Heather Odle, Corrina Redard, and Caitlyn Rex

Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Heidi Holt, Allison Hopper, Rachel Marodi, Madison Wells, and Sarah Wilson
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences:  Rachel Boster, Jessica Gutierrez, Sara Hamidi, Anh Tram Ly, Trinh Nguyen, Michelle Plasters, Sarah Poynor, and Kevin Smith 
Nutritional Sciences:  Ruth Adamiec, Kara Beal, Elizabeth Beaver, Erin Blackwood, and Leslie Sitton
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Sarah Blotevogel, Rebekah Buie, Sarah Burnett, Jay Dalto, Brianna Fox, Lauren Haskell, Brandon Scharrer, Katherine Smith, Mari Therrien, and Blake Woods

Communication Sciences and Disorders:  Kori Adcock, Jessica Kadavy, Megan Marsh, and Erin Watson
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences:   Neelie Brown, Nichole Burks, Melinda Jenks, Nhi Nguyen, Kathryn Stumpenhorst, and Gina Taulman
Nutritional Sciences:   Ashley Frampton, Brooke Helms, Andrea Knowlton, Elizabeth Ramey, and Jessica Utley
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Lindsey Baker, Rhiannon Brunsteter, Jennifer Crowder, Kristin Davenport, Emily Schovanec, Rebecca Schroeder, Candice Warner, and Sara Warren

Communication Sciences and Disorders: Kali Bernhard, Lauren Brockman, Nicole Doherty, Hailey Rosenthal, Kandice Westphal, and Shannon Winters
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences:  Robyn Bucher, Kimberly Bittle, Kasi Danker, Jillian Flusche, Miranda Hemming, Jenny Johnson, Jessica Leal, Grace Mell, and Marissa Nickens
Nutritional Sciences:  Ann Cloud, Jennifer Graef, Karen Langlois, and Kristen Pangburn
Rehabilitation Sciences:  Amber Becker, Cassie Divine, Joy Ferreira, Jeff Frazier, John Howard, Kelly Kuhlman, Stacy Spidell, and Holly Thomas

Banquet Photos