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Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Lab (TASSL)

Welcome to the Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Laboratory (TASSL).

The OUHSC Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Laboratory (TASSL) is a clinical research laboratory founded in 2014. The OUHSC TASSL is coordinated by Dr. Suzanne Kimball and serves as a site for clinical research in the areas of tinnitus perception, hyperacusis and misophonia.

For more information, please contact Dr. Kimball at (405) 271-4214 Ext. 46068 or email her at


Lab Director:
Suzanne H. Kimball, AuD, CCC-A

Contact Information:
Office phone: (405) 271-4214 ext. 46068
Fax: (405) 271-3360

College of Allied Health, Room 1121
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
1200 North Stonewall Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73117

Recent Publications

  • Norris J, Kimball S, Nemri D, and Ethridge L. 2022. Toward a Multidimensional Understanding of Misophonia Using Cluster-Based Phenotyping, Frontiers in Neuroscience,
  • Kimball S, Hamilton T, Main L and Benear E. 2019. Determining Emotional Tone and Verbal Behavior in Patients with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis: A Mixed Method Study, American Journal of Audiology,

Textbooks and Textbook Chapters

  • Kimball S and Fagelson, M. 2021. Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Casebook, Thieme Publishers, New York.
  • Sharp E and Kimball S. 2020. A Case of Extreme Misophonia and Hyperacusis in Valente and Valente, Adult Audiology Casebook, 2nd Edition, Thieme Publishing. ISBN: 9781626237292

Student Projects

  • Grace Stapleton and Elijah Robertson, Reducing Intrusiveness and Annoyance of Misophonic Triggers Using a Noise Canceling Headset, 2022-2025
  • Alexis Brophy: Assessing Effectiveness of Multiple Learning Options on Tinnitus Handicap Scores, 2022-2024Jeffrey Larsen and Nicole Lueker: Tinnitus in Undergraduate Students with Misophonia; 2021-2024
  • Ketevan Mdzinarishvili: The Use of Yoga as a Means of Tinnitus Management,2021-2023
  • Annie Stallings: Reduction in Speech Intelligibility with the Use of Face Coverings, 2021-2023
  • Janelle Newman: Personality Questionnaires as a Validation Tool in a Tinnitus Evaluation: A Systematic Review, 2020-2021
  • Carol Beth Johnson: Tinnitus and Depression: A review of Depression Screening Instruments in Tinnitus Evaluation, 2020-2021
  • Caitlyn Mathews: Treatment outcomes for mild hearing loss and tinnitus 2017-2020, published in Seminars in Hearing, 2018
  • Kristen Barton: Treatment outcomes for mild hearing loss and tinnitus 2017-2020, submitted for American Tinnitus Association student grant award program
  • Emily Sharp: Misophonia: A case study 2017-2019, published in Valente & Valente, Adult Audiology Casebook, 2nd Edition, 2018
  • Ashley Loney: Qualitative Descriptions of Tinnitus and the Effects of Mindfulness Techniques 2016-2018, presented at national ASHA convention, 2017
  • Erin Benear: Personality profiles among Hyperacusis patients, 2016-2018, presented at national ASHA convention 2017, published in American Journal of Audiology, 2019
  • Farquharson, Morgan: Prevalence of Misophonia in Oklahoma, 2015-2016, presented at national ASHA convention, 2016
  • Hopkins, Hilary: A survey of the attitudes of practitioners towards teleaudiology and Smartphone technology, 2014-2017, presented at national ASHA convention, 2016
  • Myers, Jamie: Prevalence of Tinnitus and Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Oklahoma Dentists, 2014-2016, published in Noise and Health journal
  • Van Curen, Lauren: Personality Attributes among Tinnitus Sufferers as Assessed Through LIWC, 2014-2017, Presented at national ASHA convention, 2017
  • Keese, Katie: Association between Physical Activity and Tinnitus, 2013-2015
  • Kalas, Kendal: Teleaudiology in Oklahoma: Can it Improve Pediatric Follow-up Services? 2012-2014
  • Dew, Elizabeth and Griffin, Cari: Patient Retention of Audiological Information: Is There a Better Way, 2010-2011, Presented at Audiology Now! April, 2011 Chicago, IL

Mentoring of Research Project for British Isles and Greece Study Abroad Experiences

  • Bennet, Kiersten, Hall, Katelyn, Haskins, Caroline, Krutak, Amanda and VanderVorste, Amanda, Educational System of Greece for Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology, Spring, Summer 2017, presented at national ASHA convention, 2017
  • Brooks, Olivia, Hoffman, H, Pierce, Sarah, Shannon, Jessica, Smith, Emily and White, Abigail Comparison of Speech-Language & Hearing Services of Greece & the United States, Spring, Summer 2017, presented at national ASHA convention, 2017
  • DeLoera, Ana, Moody, Reagan, Pogue, Brecklyn, Kupper, Kristyn, Newman, Janelle and Singh, Manroop, Acoustics of Amphitheaters or Other Ancient Structures, Spring Summer 2017, presented at state OSHA convention, 2017
  • Myers, Jamie, Keese, Katie and Boyer, Jenna: Comparison of Hearing Services with Socialized Medicine in the British Isles to American Healthcare, Spring, Summer 2014


Dr Kimball and student

Dr Kimball and student

Jamie Myers, BS presents her poster at the
OUHSC GREAT Symposium (2014)

AAA 2011 presentation
Cari Griffin, AuD, 12’ and Elizabeth Dew, AuD, 12’ present their poster
at the CAH Research Day (2011)