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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Student Academy of Audiology Outstanding Undergraduate Award

Congratulations to Ms. Katie Seever! Katie was the recipient of the Student Academy of Audiology Outstanding Undergraduate Award, which was presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Audiology in Indianapolis last week.

The award was given to an "SAA Undergraduate Associate that shows strength in all areas of the Chapter Challenges (Humanitarian, Fundraising, Advocacy and Education)."  Katie is active in Dr Carole Johnson's HERO laboratory, where she is engaged in projects evaluating cochlear synaptopathy in noise-exposed young adults and investigating efficacy of the Adopt-A-Band hearing conservation program, which she carried out this year with members of the Pride of Oklahoma.  She presented a poster at the AAA meeting based on the latter project.

In addition to her work in the HERO lab, Katie has participated in several hearing screening events and as a Hearts for Hearing summer camp volunteer, among other activities.  She serves as an undergraduate teaching assistant to Prof Amy Davis in the AHS 3415 Clinical Anatomy course.  Katie was also the recipient of an OUHSC Multicultural Student Award at tonight's OUHSC Honors and Awards ceremony.  We are very proud of Katie's many accomplishments!

Congratulations, Katie!