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Monday, March 2, 2020

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Physical Therapy Faculty Attend Combined Sections Meeting

The OU Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Physical Therapy faculty, current program students and alumni from the PT, DSc and PhD program DESCENDED upon the APTA Combined Sections Meeting like Thor with a BIG HAMMER. Our PT Power Team delivered 1 educational oral presentation, 4 research oral platforms and 7 posters, while also earn-ing two prestigious service awards. 


Congratuations to Lorraine Sylvester, PT, PhD
Lorrie Sylvester won the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT) Su-san Effgen Advocacy Award! This award recognizes an Academy member who has demonstrated consistent support for the delivery of pediatric physical therapy ser-vices in order to promote pediatric phys-ical therapy practice, advocacy, or legis-lation!

Elizabeth Hile, PT, PhD, NCS, CLT
Elizabeth Hile won the 2019 Jeri F. Walton Service Award. The Jeri F. Walton Service Award recognize those persons whose work, has resulted in lasting and significant advances in the science, education, and practice of the profession of physical therapy in oncology.


Presentations at APTA CSM 2020 by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences faculty and students.
Educational Oral Presentation
Williams, J.T., Walters, S.L., & Donaldson, A.T. (2020). Physical ther-apists in adaptive sports: Across the spectrum of care.


Research Oral Platforms
Kolobe T.H.A, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Wilson L, MS, Ghazi M, PhD, Fagg A.H, PhD: Wearable sensor technology: The accuracy of derived data and implications.


Poster Presentations
Jeffries, L. M. Dzul-Garcia, C., Jones, M. School-based physical therapy: The facilitators and barriers to practice.
Jeffries, L. M., Tollers, P., Ward, J., Chase, B., Estes, A., Bend-er, D. G. Building student leadership through an Interprofessional student-led retreat.
Pfaff, J. (DSc Alum) Jeffries, L. M. Parent perceptions and experi-ences regarding their child’s use of modified ride- on cars.