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Monday, July 18, 2016

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Established Meditation Garden in Honor of Dr. Toby Hamilton

After 31 years of dedicated service to the University of Oklahoma and the profession of occupational therapy, Dr. Toby Hamilton has retired. A 1980 graduate of the occupational therapy program, Dr. Hamilton started her career with the Department of Occupational Therapy as instructor and academic fieldwork coordinator in 1985.  Since then, she has served the program in just about every capacity imaginable, including the Academic Program Director for 12 years.  Dr. Hamilton mentored numerous students to become the best occupational therapists they can, and faculty to become better educators and scholars. She has touched many lives and has made a lasting impression on the profession of occupational therapy.

Given her commitment to the practice of meditation and mindfulness, and her leisure activity of gardening, the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Occupational Therapy Program hosted a series of events to raise funds for a place of meditation. The meditation garden, which will be located on the east side of the College of Allied Health building, will serve as an enduring tribute to Dr. Hamilton’s 31 years of service to the College of Allied Health and dedication to the University of Oklahoma. The garden will not only be a place for reflection, but will also serve as an education tool to teach students about the practice of mindfulness. Construction is set to begin in August.

If you wish to help support the Friends of Toby Hamilton fund by making a tax-deductible gift:


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