Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oklahoma Watch Highlights Keys Speech and Hearing Center Assistance Programs

Many Oklahomans have difficulty accessing hearing healthcare due to high costs and limited insurance coverage, according to a story from Oklahoma Watch.    Two programs at the John W Keys Speech and Hearing Center, the United Way Hearing Aid Bank and the Oklahoma Seniors Cabaret Hearing for Seniors Program, provide assistance for many Oklahomans who would not otherwise be able to afford hearing aids.  Oklahoma Watch highlights these programs and discusses the importance of providing treatment for hearing loss with Dr Jillian Detwiler, JWKSHC audiology clinic coordinator.

These programs are made possible by support from the United Way of Central Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Seniors Cabaret, the OUHSC College of Allied Health, and the generosity of our donors.  If you are interested in supporting these programs and providing critical hearing care to deserving Oklahomans, please contact Kyndall Wahkinney.