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Steve Lovelace, Paratriathlon Pioneer, Selected as 2023 Barbara Curcio Lectureship Speaker

Steve Lovelace, Paratriathlon Pioneer, Selected as 2023 Barbara Curcio Lectureship Speaker

Published: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

In a celebration of innovation, resilience, and a deep respect for David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus Barbara M. Curcio's legacy, the University is honored to announce Steve Lovelace as the distinguished guest speaker for the Barbara Curcio Lectureship series. The timing of this event is particularly significant, coinciding with Allied Health Week and the anniversary of Wilhelm Rontgen's discovery of X-rays, which holds special meaning in the context of Professor Curcio's life and contributions.

Professor Curcio's remarkable journey at the University began in 1967 and spanned over three decades. Her extensive career was marked by teaching, mentoring, curricular development, and active involvement in numerous professional councils, boards, and accreditation organizations. Yet, her true passion was in nurturing and guiding students and colleagues to become their best selves through our programs offered at the College of Allied Health.

The lecture series aims to honor her memory by inviting exceptional individuals whose work mirrors the commitment and dedication she exhibited throughout her career.

Steve Lovelace, proudly known as "The Last Place Winner," embodies the spirit of perseverance and triumph over adversity. A tragic accident in 1982 left him paralyzed and fighting for his life. However, this life-altering event set the stage for an inspiring journey that would ultimately establish him as a pioneer in the world of sports.

With Professor Curcio’s encouragement and guidance,  Steve graduated with his bachelor’s degree in radiography from the OU College of Allied Health in 1990.   Steve embarked on a successful career as a radiological technologist, initially at Children's Hospital and OU Medical Center. Subsequently, he excelled in sales at GE Healthcare, Vital Images, and Toshiba Medical Systems. Throughout his career, Steve remained steadfast in his mission to make a difference and inspire others with his remarkable story.

Currently residing in Edmond, Oklahoma, Steve serves as an ambassador for the USA Triathlon Foundation and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes All Abilities program, continuing to impact lives through his story of resilience and determination.

His lecture will shed light on his unique perspective as a healthcare professional and disabled athlete while offering valuable insights into the power of motivation and the capacity to overcome obstacles. His life story is a testament to the idea that disability can be a motivator rather than a barrier.

Steve Lovelace expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to honor Professor Curcio, saying, "She meant more to me than most will ever know. She took a chance on this underdog and was not surprised when I excelled and surpassed her expectations. Her faith in me helped fuel my efforts while at the College of Allied Health and beyond."

In remembrance of Professor Curcio's belief in him, Steve Lovelace will share his inspiring journey and the profound impact she had on his life during the Barbara Curcio Lectureship series. This event promises to be a celebration of determination, mentorship, and the enduring legacy of two remarkable individuals. For more details about Steve Lovelace's story, you can visit the link provided here.

Steve Lovelace will be a guest speaker for the Barbara Curcia Lectureship Series, for dates and times, click here.