Center for Human Performance Measurement Core Facility

Welcome to the Center for Human Performance Measurement (CHPM)! This is a Core Facility directed by Dr. Carol Dionne, Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences.  The CHPM is equipped with a 12-camera Qualisys™ motion capture system with 4 in-floor AMTI™ force plates and a 16-channel Noraxon™ electromyography system. All processed data are analyzed through a Visual 3-D™ software package.

Center staff are able to provide a comprehensive, interprofessional study of normal and disordered human performance that optimizes function, including walking, running, lifting, carrying, jumping, throwing, or dancing. The output of motion analysis provides data and reports to researchers, educators, health care providers, students, and the public state-of-the-art measures related to human performance of basic daily activities, forms and modes of locomotion, and of elite, skilled or disordered movement.

The purpose of the CHPM is to advance human performance measurement to enhance health and well-being through the development and application of new knowledge, guided by the principles of promoting discovery through research in human performance science and proving evidence to validate interventions that promote optimal performance, set on achieving the following goals:

  • research human performance to minimize injury risk and promote excellence in performance;
  • educate health care students and practitioners to become leaders in human performance measurement that promotes optimal performance;
  • provide service to researchers, educators, and clinicians via valid measures of human performance.


Center for Human Performance Facility
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
1200 North Stonewall Ave
AHB 3020
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

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