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Staff Advisory Committee (SAC)

Staff Advisory Committee July 2019 - June 2021 Members



To provide input to the Dean on matters of concern to the staff of the College. 

To participate in the relevant decision making and planning processes of the College. 

To plan departmental and College development activities for staff members. 

To nominates staff representatives for appointment to College committees or College-wide events and activities, when requested. 


Staff Award Selection Committee (SAS)
This is the one standing sub-committee of the Staff Advisory Committee. Membership is constituted of 5 past award recipients. The most senior member will chair the committee.This sub-committee is responsible for the nomination and selection process of the Superior Staff Award for Excellence in Performance.

Staff Development Committee
This committee plans a series of one-hour inservice seminars top be scheduled from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. to allow the staff to assemble, eat lunch and participate in an education program. Topics of the seminars range from updates on policy and procedures to skills training which can be utilized within their various job functions.

Staff Retreat Committee
This committee plans an annual half-day staff development retreat focused on improving skills or acquiring new skills relevant to the mission of the College.

Meeting Information

The Staff Advisory Committee meets from from 9:00am – 10:00am in  AHB 3132 on the first Tuesday of each month except May, August, and December.

Contact the SAC chair for more information.


Employee of the Quarter


To recognize a staff employee who has made a significant contribution to the College of Allied Health by providing excellent service to CAH visitors, employees and/or students and other contributions the nominator believes is noteworthy.  Employees may also be nominated for providing exemplary service to the College of Allied Health in their daily job performance and demonstrating a willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty.

The Employee of the Quarter should model behaviors of a good employee including a positive, professional attitude, respectful of institutional policies, helpful to co-workers, exhibiting good customer service and people skills, and good attendance.

Eligibility and Rules

The Employee of the Quarter will be awarded once per quarter (January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December).

The nominee must be a benefits-eligible staff employee of at least 6 months. If there is a question about a nominee’s eligibility, please contact the SAC Chairperson.

Nominations will be elicited during the third month of each quarter with a due date determined by the SAC Chairperson. SAC will make its recommendation to the Dean for approval once all votes are cast, and the recipient of the award will be announced on the first day of the new quarter or the closest workday to this date.

Nominations will be submitted to the SAC Chairperson directly via email, if possible. Nominators should follow all instructions given by the email requesting nominations.

There will be no self-nominations. Only nominations made by other employees will be accepted.


  • Reserved parking space in the College of Allied Health parking lot.
  • A certificate with employees name, quarter, and the Dean’s signature.
  • Lunch with the Dean. 

Nomination Form

Use this form to nominate someone for the CAH Employee of the Quarter.


Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis  
on receiving the College of Allied Health Employee of the Quarter award for July - September 2020.

Complete list of recipients

Staff Advisory Committee Scholarship


The purpose of this fund is to provide eligible full-time staff members with additional training opportunities that may be beyond what their particular department could sponsor. Recipients of any funds awarded will be selected by the Selection Committee of the Staff Advisory Committee and approved by the Dean of the College, or his/her designee (see Agreement).


To be eligible for a scholarship award, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a fulltime employee of the College of Allied Health.
  • Must have at least one year of service and have a performance evaluation on file with a general assessment of their work performance which meets or exceeds normal work requirements.
  • Must demonstrate a use for the training that would enrich the staff member professionally and enhance their position at the College of Allied Health.
  • Must not be a contributor to the Fund or an immediate family member of a contributor.


Application Form

Click here for the application form.

Recent Awards

CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Ellis , on receiving the College of Allied Health Employee of the Quarter award for July - September 2020.