Community of Practice – Translating Knowledge to Practice

This Tolbert Center Community of Practice page highlights projects and resources developed by post-professional students in the Tolbert Center’s Post-Professional Doctor of Science (DSc) degree program, focused on supporting children with disabilities throughout the lifespan.  These resources were developed by DSc students and are available to practitioners, consumers, families, agencies, and prospective students. The Tolbert Center Community of Practice reflects a knowledge-to-action framework (Graham, Logan, Harrison, et al, 2006) promoting students’ competency to translate knowledge translation into all levels of decision-making when working with children with disabilities, their families, early intervention programs, and local school districts, as well as state and federal programs that provide funding and oversight for these programs. DSc students are effective knowledge brokers as they effectively exchange new evidence and experience with practitioners surrounding pediatric intervention in communities across the country (Lomas, 20007; Russell et al., 2010).  Information and resources provided herein reflect recent evidence for clinical practice, teaching, and research in pediatric related services interventions.


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