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Department of Nutritional Sciences

Michael B. Stout, PhD

Michael Stout, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

(405) 271-1617

Research Interests:

  • The central focus of Dr. Stout’s research program is to understand how metabolic disturbances promote aging processes and the onset of chronic diseases. He is particularly interested in the role that sex hormones play in regulating aging and disease due to sex-specific disparities in metabolic disease, inflammatory disorders, and healthspan across the life-cycle. The long-term goal of Dr. Stout’s laboratory is to develop therapeutic strategies that target metabolic signaling pathways in a manner similar to calorie restriction, thereby diminishing age-related diseases and compressing the period of morbidity in mid-to-late life.


Selected funding, see CV for complete list

  • Cellular senescence and epigenomic remodeling in ovarian aging
    Agency: NIH/NIA
    Type: R01 [AG069742]
    Amount: $1,250,000 (direct)
    Period: September 2020-May 2025
    Role: PI
  • Mechanisms of metabolic, inflammatory, and healthspan enhancement by 17α-estradiol
    Agency: NIH/NIA
    Type: K99/R00 [AG051661]
    Amount: $1,024,528 (direct)
    Period: September 2016-May 2021
    Role: PI

Select Publications:

Selected publications, see CV for complete list:

  • Mann SN, Pitel KS, Nelson-Holte MH,  Iwaniec UT, Turner RT, Sathiaseelan R, Kirkland JL, Schneider A, Morris KT, Malayannan S, Hawse JR, Stout MB. 17α-estradiol prevents ovariectomy-mediated obesity and bone loss. Exp. Gerontol. 2020. In Press
  • Chucair-Elliott AJ, Ocanas SR, Stanford DR, Ansere VA, Buettner KB, Porter H, Eliason NL, Reid J, Sharpe AL, Stout MB, Beckstead MJ, Miller BF, Richardson A, Freeman WM. Inducible cell-specific mouse models for paired epigenetic and transcriptomic studies of microglia and astroglia. Commun. Biol. 2020. In Press
  • Sidhom S, Schneider A, Fang Y, McFadden S, Darcy J, Sathiaseelan R, Palmer AK, Steyn FJ, Grillari J, Kopchick JJ, Bartke A, Siddiqi S, Masternak MM, Stout MB. 17α-estradiol modulates IGF1 and hepatic gene expression in a sex-specific manner. J. Gerontol. A. Biol. Sci. Med. Sci. 2020. In Press
  • Miller BF, Pharaoh G, Hamilton KL, Peelor FF III, Kirkland JL, Freeman WM, Mann SN, Kinter M, Price JC, Stout MB. Short-term calorie restriction and 17α-estradiol administration elicit divergent effects on proteostatic processes and protein content in metabolically active tissues. J. Gerontol. A. Biol. Sci. Med. Sci. 75(5):849-857, 2020.
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