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Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

Dora DiGiacinto , M.Ed., RDMS, RDCS, FSDMS

Program Director, Radiation Sciences 

AHB 3021

(405) 271-6477 Ext. 41160


M.Ed., Educational Psychology; Instructional Design, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, 2004
B.S., Radiologic Technology, Emphasis: Sonography, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 1997 


Sonography Program:
MIRS 3833 Obstectric Sonography
MIRS 4272 Correlative Imaging
MIRS 4853 Cardiovascular Sonography I
MIRS 4863 Capstone
MIRS 4990 Special Studies

Radiation Sciences Program:
MIRS 3422 Writing Seminar
MIRS 3493  Instrumentation and Safety
MIRS 4272 Correlative Imaging
MIRS 4412 Standards and Accreditation
MIRS 4413 Ethics in Film
MIRS 4422 Professional Seminar
MIRS 4963 Capstone, Web Program

Clinical/Research Interests:

Online learning
Affective Learning
Ultrasound Bioeffects
Social Media Usage

Select Publications:

  • DiGiacinto D. The importance of the internal review board for approving proposed research. J Diagn Med Sonography, 2019:35(2) 85-86. DOI 10.1177/8756479318817220
  • Stafford M, Bagley J, DiGiacinto D. Comparison of Transthoracic Echocardiography, Transesophageal Echocardiography, and Transcranial Doppler in the Detection of Patent Foramen Ovale as the Etiology for Cryptogenic Stroke. J Diagn Med Sonography, 2019;35(2):127-133. DOI 10.1177/8756479318816983
  • DiGiacinto D*, Bagley J, Gildon, B, Cantrell G. Postpartum pseudoaneurysm after cesarean delivery. J Diagn Med Sonography, 2019;35(2):136-140. DOI: 10.1177/8756479318816985
  • Bagley J, Paul DE, Halferty S, DiGiacinto D.  The use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for the characterization of focal liver lesions. J Diagn Med Sonography, 2018;5(3):120-134. DOI: 10.1177/8756479317729672           
  • Bagley J, Paul DE, Halferty S, DiGiacinto D.  The use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography for the characterization of focal liver lesions. J Diagn Med Sonography, 2017;33(6):500-511. DOI: 10.1177/8756479317729672 (Kenneth R Gottesfeld Award Winner)
  • Bagley JE, Barnett J, Baldwin J, DiGiacinto D, Anderson MP.  On-the-job-pain and injury related to adaptive ergonomic equipment in the sonographers’s workspace and area.  J Diagn Med Sonography. 2017;33(1):15-21.
  • DiGiacinto D, Gildon B, Keenan L, Patton M. Review of patient satisfaction research to improve patient surveys in medical imaging departments. Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Jul/Aug 2016;32(4):203-206.
  • DiGiacinto D, Bagley J, Goldsbury A. The value of sonography in the assessment of skin cancers and their metastases. J Diagn Med Sonography. May/June 2016;32(3):140-146. doi:10.1177/8756479316643959 (Designated a CE article)
  • Bagley J, Savage R, DiGiacinto D.  Transrectal elastographic biopsy and contrast-enhanced transrectal biopsy may offer improvements over the current transrectal systemic biopsy technique.  J Diagn Med Sonography. 2016;32(2):61-71. doi:10.1177/8756479316632189 (Designated a CE article)
  • DiGiacinto D, Bagley J, Cooke S. The use of a reference tool to help sonographers improve their monitoring of mechanical and thermal indices in obstetric sonography examinations. J Diagn Med Sonography. May/June 2015:.DOI: 10.1177/8756479314567308
  • DiGiacinto D, Gildon B, Stamile E, Aubrey J. Weight biased health professionals and the effects on overweight patients. J Diagn Med Sonography. 2015:31(2):132-135. DOI 10.1177/8756479314557278.
  • Bagley J, Berry J, DiGiacinto D, Stamile E. Case Report: median arcuate ligament syndrome diagnosed by computed tomography and Doppler ultrasonography. Radiology Technology. 2015;86(3):238-245.
  • Bagley J, DiGiacinto D, Lawyer J, Anderson M. Frequently updating facebook statuses may put students at risk for violating HIPAA: A pilot study. J Diagn Med Sonography. 2014;30(3):114–120. DOI 10.1177/8756479314530509. (Designated a CE article)
  • Bagley J, DiGiacinto D, Hargraves K. Imaging professionals’ views of social media and the implications. Radiologic Technology. 2014;85(4):377-389. ISSN: 0033-8397 PMID: 24614434
  • DiGiacinto D, Bagley J, Garrison M. Comparison of endobronchial ultrasound and computed tomography with fluoroscopy in guidance of lung cancer biopsies: A literature review. J Diagn Med Sonography. 2012;28(5). DOI 10.1177/8756479312455860. (Designated a CE article)