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MIRS 3D Printing Lab

The MIRS 3D Printing Lab (AHB 1034) provides a work-space for our Co-Directors, Dr. Boyce and Professor Gildon, to build 3D printed anatomic models, patient specific surgical aids and prototypes. Our current 3D printer (Form 2 SLA) uses several types of light sensitive resins. Each resin has unique physical properties and is opaque or translucent (see images below). The MIRS 3D Printing Lab, in the College of Allied Health, welcomes your inquiries to schedule an initial consultation.  Projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Please follow the link below for our contact email.  You may contact Dr. Boyce or Professor Gildon.

Most prints are from of the following categories:

  • Anatomic instructional models (general, not patient specific)
  • Research and development prototypes
  • Patient specific pre-surgical planning models (usually anatomic models)
  • Patient specific surgical tools (cutting and drilling guides)