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Allied Health Centers & Labs

College of Allied Health Research Programs

The College of Allied Health faculty are involved in a variety research areas. 
Complete Comprehensive List of Faculty Labs and Research Programs

Center for Human Performance Measurement

The center helps researchers study biomechanical aspects of human movement through kinematics and 3D-kinetics from a 3-dimensional perspective. The center’s researchers can capture subtle deviations that may be early warning of pending injury or pathological process.

This facility is the sole provider of such human performance measurement to the region. Center staff are able to provide a comprehensive, interprofessional study of normal and disordered human performance that optimizes function, including walking, running, lifting, carrying, jumping, throwing, or dancing The output of motion analysis provides researchers, educators, health care providers, students, and the public state-of-the-art measures related to human performance of basic daily activities, forms and modes of locomotion, and of elite, skilled or disordered movement. 

Center for Human Performance Measurement

Lee Mitchener Tolbert Center

The Lee Mitchener Tolbert Center for Developmental Disabilities was founded in 1995 for the purpose of disseminating information, expanding knowledge, and promoting "best practice" service delivery to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Center was named in honor of Lee Mitchener Tolbert, a young man with a developmental disability, and his many accomplishments. 

Tolbert Center Website 

3D Printing Special Interest Group

Thursday Meetup Times

Our meetup time going forward will be Thursdays, 4-6pm at the west end of the Sullivan Atrium (Lobby) of the Allied Health Building  (Just 4-5pm on Aug 17, 2017).  You are welcome to stop by for 30 minutes or more.  Please invite other students, faculty and staff to join us as well.  The D2L 3D Printing community is open for self-registration. If you have 3D printed models to show-off, please bring them along!

D2L Community

For more information contact:
Professor Bradford Gildon or Dr. Kari Boyce


VERT™ is a virtual environment representing a radiotherapy treatment room. Through captivating 3D views and life size visualizations, VERT offers an excellent platform for providing radiation therapy training to students, nurses and multidisciplinary team members. From illustration of theoretical concepts to acquisition of clinical skills in a safe environment, VERT delivers benefits for the student, clinic staff and the patient.

The Professor Paws Project

The Professor Paws Project works toward educating people who could directly benefit from the use of a service dog. Funding for the course at Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges came from the United Way’s Innovation Grant. The course covered topics such as the benefits of service dog partnerships, the populations of people who could be helped the most by a service dog, the service dog application process, and the laws surrounding service dog ownership.

The Professor Paws Project