Board of Advocates

The College of Allied Health Board of Advocates was created in March 2008. The Board of Advocates serves to advance the reputation and strength of the College of Allied Health at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and University of Oklahoma Schusterman Center.

As friends of the College, its members provide information and assistance to help the College reach its goals. The Board provides insight into the College’s external operations and communicates the College’s activities to Oklahoma communities and its citizens.

The creation of the Board has been nothing less than perfect. The Board of Advocates has a very active group of alumni, friends, donors, and departmental representation. The Board helps the College of Allied Health Development Office move forward with fundraising and other outreach initiatives. The College of Allied Health now has a greater means to communicate with the community and to demonstrate who they are and what they do.

Board of Advocates

2017 Board Members

Linda Alfred, Board Chairperson 
Denise Bender 
Cyndy Robinson 
Matt Cloud
Jim Durbin
Jennifer Horrell
Jennifer Kragh
Jill Raines
Lancer Stephens
Bill Elam
Elizabeth Tolbert
Lori Payne
Katie Eliot
Andrew John
Allen Knehans
Vesper Grantham
Heather Odle
Sandra Nettleton
J.T. Petherick