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Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Frequently Asked Questions

I have not taken the GRE but I have completed either the LSAT or MCAT or GMAT. May I substitute my score on one of these exams for the GRE requirement?

No, the admissions requirement that an applicant have taken the GRE within the last three years may not be waived or substituted.

When am I allowed to choose whether to attend classes on the OKC or Tulsa campuses?

At the time of application, students will identify their preference for a slot on the OKC campus, the Tulsa campus, or whether they will accept the first available position.  Since there is a pre-established number of positions for each campus, students are assigned to their 1st choice campus only if space permits. Once assigned to a campus, students should expect to remain on that campus for three years.

Can I enroll in either the OTD or DPT curriculum as a part-time student?

No, the physical and occupational therapy education programs are full-time commitments. Students often take 16 to 18 credit hours of graduate level courses a semester. A few of the semesters require full-time (40 hours per week) clinical internships.

My college or university does not offer the specified prerequisites. What can I use as a substitute?

Prerequisite courses are attainable at many of the Colleges and Universities within the state. Check the prerequisite finder or meet with your school advisor regarding equivalent courses.

What can students do to enhance their chances of admission to the physical or occupational therapy programs?

Candidates should have a high overall grade point average (GPA) and GRE scores.

Are the physical or occupational therapist assistant programs viewed as a stepping-stone to the eventual completion of the physical or occupational therapist programs?

No. The physical or occupational therapist assistant curriculum differs from that offered by the physical or occupational therapist programs. The assistant programs do not provide the needed prerequisites required for physical or occupational therapist education.

Where can I find information about financial aid?

Please check out OU’s financial aid website or phone the financial aid office at (405) 271-2118

Other sources include various Internet sites: The Federal Student Financial Aid Information Center, Fastweb, US Department of Education, Federal Direct Loans, Project EASI (Easy Access for Students and Institutions), IRS Education Tax Credit Information, and College Parents of America (CPA).


Where can I find out more information about the physical or occupational therapy professions?

More information about the physical therapy is available at the APTA's website or call (800) 999-2782. More information about occupational therapy is available at the OATA's website or call (301) 652-2682. You can also visit OUHSC Department of Rehabilitation Sciences' website to find out more information about both programs.