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College of Allied Health Open House

On Thursday, November 11, 2021 the College of Allied Health will be hosting an open house to welcome prospective students to our campuses to meet faculty and students to learn more about the various programs offered. The College of Allied Health offers degree programs in several diverse health fields including audiology, communication sciences and disorders, dietetics/nutrition, nuclear medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiation therapy, radiography, sonography, and speech-language pathology. The event will be from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in both Oklahoma City (1200 N. Stonewall Ave) and Tulsa (4502 E. 41st Street).  

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All prospective students and guests must complete the OU online ‘COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool’ and receive approval to attend Open House. Prospective students and guests must complete the ‘COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool’ any time between November 4-November 11, but no later than 2:00pm CST on November 11th in order to attend Open House.  For the health and safety of all, prospective students and guests who do not complete the OU online “COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool” will not be allowed on campus. 

Please follow these instructions to complete the ‘COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool’:

  1. Click on “Scheduled Visitor/New Employee/Vendor Screening & Reporting Tool”.
  2. Select “Scheduled Visitor”.
  3. Enter your “first name”, “last name”, “email address”“date of birth”, and “phone number”.
  4. Enter “College of Allied Health Open House” for the “Reason for visiting campus” field.
  5. Enter “Paije Fauser” for “Contact person at OU”. 
  6. Enter “405-271-6588” for “Contact person phone number”.
  7. Enter “College of Allied Health” for “Department/College”.
  8. Enter the following:
    1. For Oklahoma City campus Open House, enter “College of Allied Health” for “Buildings to be visited”.
    2. For Tulsa campus Open House, enter “Administration Building” for “Buildings to be visited”.
  9. Enter “OKC” or “Tulsa” for the “Campus” you are planning to visit.
  10. Enter “November 5, 2020” for “Expected date of arrival to campus/workplace”
  11. Then complete the “Travel History”, “Event Attendance”, “Symptom Information”, “Exposure Information”, “Testing Information”, and “Acknowledgment” sections.
  12. Then click on “Submit”.

Please retain your email approval and have it available to attend Open House on the Oklahoma City or Tulsa campus. All guests are required to wear a mask at all times while on campus. 

Questions? Call the Office of Academic and Student Services at (405) 271-6588 or send an email to alliedhealth-info@ouhsc.e

Oklahoma City Campus

1200 N. Stonewall
Room 1009
Oklahoma City, OK
Campus Map and Directions

Tulsa Campus

4502 E.  41st Street
Learning Center
Tulsa, OK
Campus Map and Directions

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