Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Faculty and Staff

Frank Boutsen, PhD, CCC/SLP

Associate Professor

Contact Information:

(405) 271-4214 Ext. 46078


Post-doctoral fellow: Medical Speech Pathology, 1991-1993 Mayo Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. MN
Ph.D., Communication Disorders and Sciences, 1991 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
M.S., Speech pathology, 1986, University of Louvain, Belgium
M.S., Clinical psychology, 1983. University of Gent, Belgium
B.S., Psychology, 1980. University of Gent, Belgium 


CSD 3333 Phonetics
CSD 4343 Neural Bases of Communication
CSD 5423 Neuropathologies of speech
CSD 5413 Speech Science
CSD 6413 Advanced Neural Bases
CSD 5423 Advanced Speech Science
CSD 5990 Lab rotation

Research Interests:

Neurogenic disorders of speech- emphasis on prosody/laterality
Tremor in neurogenic speech disorders
Effects of deep brain stimulation on speech motor control
Role of speech perception in speech production

Lab Website(s):

Motor Speech and Prosody Research Laboratory


Boutsen, F. (2003) Oral asymmetry in speech and song. College of Allied Health Seed Grant. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. $5,000.
Boutsen, F. & Francel, P. (2004) Cognitive motor assessment of deep brain stimulation programming in Parkinson Disease. Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology grant. $ 57,878.


Neuromotor Speech Disorders

Selected Publications:

  • Boutsen, F, Brutten, G., & Watts, C. (2000) Timing and intensity variability in the metronomic speech of stuttering and nonstuttering speakers. Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, 40, 501-51
  • Boutsen, F., & Christman, S. (2001) Aprosodia: Whether, where and why? In B. Maassen, W. Hulstijn, R. Kent and P.H.M.M. van Lieshout: Speech motor control in normal and disordered speech , 232-236, Nijmegen: Vantilt
  • Boutsen, F., Cannito, M., Taylor, M., & Bender, B. (2002) BotoxTreatment in Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia: A Meta-Analysis Study. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 45, 469-481.
  • Boutsen, F., & Christman, S. (2002) Prosody in apraxia of speech. Seminars in Speech and Language 23, 245-256
  • Boutsen, F. (2003). Prosody: The music of language and speech. ASHA Leader, 5, 7-9.
  • Boutsen, F., (2004). Aprosody: A right hemisphere dysarthria. Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology, 12; 67-76
  • Boutsen, F. Dysarthria: Motor speech processes. In H.Whitaker, (Ed), Encyclopedia of language and linguistics. London: Elsevier Science, LTD Anticipated date: December, 2005.
  • Christman, S.S., Boutsen, F.R, and Buckingham, H.W. (2005). Neuro-linguistic approaches to perseveration. Seminars in Speech and Language, 25: 295-307.
  • Christman, S.S. and Boutsen, F. B. (in press). Recovery in aphasia. In K. Brown, (Ed.), Encyclopedia of language and linguistics. 2nd ed. London: Elsevier Science, Ltd. Anticipated date: December, 2005.